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Package metrics provides general system and process level metrics collection.



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var Enabled = false

Enabled is the flag specifying if metrics are enable or not.

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var MetricsEnabledFlag = "metrics"

MetricsEnabledFlag is the CLI flag name to use to enable metrics collections.


func CollectProcessMetrics

func CollectProcessMetrics(refresh time.Duration)

CollectProcessMetrics periodically collects various metrics about the running process.

func NewMeter

func NewMeter(name string) metrics.Meter

NewMeter create a new metrics Meter, either a real one of a NOP stub depending on the metrics flag.

func NewTimer

func NewTimer(name string) metrics.Timer

NewTimer create a new metrics Timer, either a real one of a NOP stub depending on the metrics flag.

func ReadDiskStats

func ReadDiskStats(stats *DiskStats) error

ReadDiskStats retrieves the disk IO stats belonging to the current process.


type DiskStats

type DiskStats struct {
	ReadCount  int64 // Number of read operations executed
	ReadBytes  int64 // Total number of bytes read
	WriteCount int64 // Number of write operations executed
	WriteBytes int64 // Total number of byte written

DiskStats is the per process disk io stats.

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