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Published: Jan 25, 2016 License: GPL-3.0 Imports: 4 Imported by: 24



Package errors provides common error types used throughout leveldb.



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var (
	ErrNotFound    = New("leveldb: not found")
	ErrReleased    = util.ErrReleased
	ErrHasReleaser = util.ErrHasReleaser


func IsCorrupted

func IsCorrupted(err error) bool

IsCorrupted returns a boolean indicating whether the error is indicating a corruption.

func New

func New(text string) error

New returns an error that formats as the given text.

func NewErrCorrupted

func NewErrCorrupted(f storage.File, err error) error

NewErrCorrupted creates new ErrCorrupted error.

func SetFile

func SetFile(err error, f storage.File) error

SetFile sets 'file info' of the given error with the given file. Currently only ErrCorrupted is supported, otherwise will do nothing.


type ErrCorrupted

type ErrCorrupted struct {
	File *storage.FileInfo
	Err  error

ErrCorrupted is the type that wraps errors that indicate corruption in the database.

func (*ErrCorrupted) Error

func (e *ErrCorrupted) Error() string

type ErrMissingFiles

type ErrMissingFiles struct {
	Files []*storage.FileInfo

ErrMissingFiles is the type that indicating a corruption due to missing files.

func (*ErrMissingFiles) Error

func (e *ErrMissingFiles) Error() string

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