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func Alt

func Alt(text string) vecty.Applyer

func Autofocus

func Autofocus(autofocus bool) vecty.Applyer

func Checked

func Checked(checked bool) vecty.Applyer

func Disabled

func Disabled(disabled bool) vecty.Applyer

func For

func For(id string) vecty.Applyer

func Href

func Href(url string) vecty.Applyer

func ID

func ID(id string) vecty.Applyer

func Name

func Name(name string) vecty.Applyer

func Placeholder

func Placeholder(text string) vecty.Applyer

func Src

func Src(url string) vecty.Applyer

func Type

func Type(t InputType) vecty.Applyer

func Value

func Value(v string) vecty.Applyer


type InputType

type InputType string
const (
	TypeButton        InputType = "button"
	TypeCheckbox      InputType = "checkbox"
	TypeColor         InputType = "color"
	TypeDate          InputType = "date"
	TypeDatetime      InputType = "datetime"
	TypeDatetimeLocal InputType = "datetime-local"
	TypeEmail         InputType = "email"
	TypeFile          InputType = "file"
	TypeHidden        InputType = "hidden"
	TypeImage         InputType = "image"
	TypeMonth         InputType = "month"
	TypeNumber        InputType = "number"
	TypePassword      InputType = "password"
	TypeRadio         InputType = "radio"
	TypeRange         InputType = "range"
	TypeMin           InputType = "min"
	TypeMax           InputType = "max"
	TypeValue         InputType = "value"
	TypeStep          InputType = "step"
	TypeReset         InputType = "reset"
	TypeSearch        InputType = "search"
	TypeSubmit        InputType = "submit"
	TypeTel           InputType = "tel"
	TypeText          InputType = "text"
	TypeTime          InputType = "time"
	TypeURL           InputType = "url"
	TypeWeek          InputType = "week"

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