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type Attachment

type Attachment struct {
	URL               string `json:"url"`
	MIMEType          string `json:"mime_type"`
	Title             string `json:"title"`
	SizeInBytes       uint   `json:"size_in_bytes"`
	DurationInSeconds uint   `json:"duration_in_seconds"`

type Author

type Author struct {
	Name   string `json:"name"`
	URL    string `json:"url"`
	Avatar string `json:"avatar"`

type Feed

type Feed struct {
	Version     string       `json:"version"`
	Title       string       `json:"title"`
	HomepageURL string       `json:"home_page_url"`
	FeedURL     string       `json:"feed_url"`
	Description string       `json:"description"`
	UserComment string       `json:"user_comment"`
	NextURL     string       `json:"next_url"`
	Icon        string       `json:"icon"`
	Favicon     string       `json:"favicon"`
	Authors     []Author     `json:"authors"`
	Language    string       `json:"language"`
	Expired     bool         `json:"expired"`
	Hubs        []Hub        `json:"hubs"`
	Items       []Item       `json:"items"`
	Attachments []Attachment `json:"attachments"`

func Parse

func Parse(feed io.Reader) (*Feed, error)

func (*Feed) Validate

func (this *Feed) Validate() []error

type Hub

type Hub struct {
	Type string `json:"type"`
	URL  string `json:type"`

type Item

type Item struct {
	ID            string   `json:"id"`
	URL           string   `json:"url"`
	ExternalURL   string   `json:"external_url"`
	Title         string   `json:"title"`
	ContentHTML   string   `json:"content_html"`
	ContentText   string   `json:"content_text"`
	Summary       string   `json:"summary"`
	Image         string   `json:"image"`
	BannerImage   string   `json:"banner_image"`
	DatePublished string   `json:"date_published"`
	DateModified  string   `json:"date_modified"`
	Authors       []Author `json:"authors"`
	Tags          []string `json:"tags"`
	Language      string   `json:"language"`

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