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var VERBOSE_READER = false


func ConvertInterfaceArrayToStringArray

func ConvertInterfaceArrayToStringArray(interfaceArray []interface{}) []string

func DescribeMap

func DescribeMap(in interface{}, indent string) string

describe a map (for debugging purposes)

func FetchFile

func FetchFile(fileurl string) ([]byte, error)

func InvalidKeysInMap

func InvalidKeysInMap(m yaml.MapSlice, allowedKeys []string, allowedPatterns []string) []string

func MapHasKey

func MapHasKey(m yaml.MapSlice, key string) bool

func MapValueForKey

func MapValueForKey(m yaml.MapSlice, key string) interface{}

func MissingKeysInMap

func MissingKeysInMap(m yaml.MapSlice, requiredKeys []string) []string

func NewErrorGroupOrNil

func NewErrorGroupOrNil(errors []error) error

func PatternMatches

func PatternMatches(pattern string, value string) bool

func PluralProperties

func PluralProperties(count int) string

func ReadInfoForFile

func ReadInfoForFile(filename string) (interface{}, error)

read a file and unmarshal it as a yaml.MapSlice

func ReadInfoForRef

func ReadInfoForRef(basefile string, ref string) (interface{}, error)

read a file and return the fragment needed to resolve a $ref

func SortedKeysForMap

func SortedKeysForMap(m yaml.MapSlice) []string

func UnpackMap

func UnpackMap(in interface{}) (yaml.MapSlice, bool)


type Context

type Context struct {
	Parent *Context
	Name   string

func NewContext

func NewContext(name string, parent *Context) *Context

func (*Context) Description

func (context *Context) Description() string

type Error

type Error struct {
	Context *Context
	Message string

basic error type

func NewError

func NewError(context *Context, message string) *Error

func (*Error) Error

func (err *Error) Error() string

type ErrorGroup

type ErrorGroup struct {
	Errors []error

container for groups of errors

func (*ErrorGroup) Error

func (group *ErrorGroup) Error() string

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