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NFPM is Not FPM - a simple deb, rpm and apk packager written in Go.

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While fpm is great, for me, it is a bummer that it depends on ruby, tar and other softwares.

I wanted something that could be used as a binary and/or as a library and that was really simple.

So I created NFPM: a simpler, 0-dependency, as-little-assumptions-as-possible alternative to fpm.


Check the documentation at

Special thanks 🙏

Thanks to the fpm authors for fpm, which inspires nfpm a lot.


Donations are very much appreciated! You can donate/sponsor on the main goreleaser opencollective! It's easy and will surely help the developers at least buy some ☕️ or 🍺!

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Package nfpm provides ways to package programs in some linux packaging formats.



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func ClearPackagers

func ClearPackagers()

ClearPackagers clear all registered packagers, used for testing.

func RegisterPackager

func RegisterPackager(format string, p Packager)

RegisterPackager a new packager for the given format.

func Validate

func Validate(info *Info) (err error)

Validate the given Info and returns an error if it is invalid.


type APK

type APK struct {
	Signature APKSignature `yaml:"signature,omitempty"`

type APKSignature

type APKSignature struct {
	PackageSignature `yaml:",inline"`
	// defaults to <maintainer email>
	KeyName string `yaml:"key_name,omitempty"`

type Config

type Config struct {
	Info      `yaml:",inline"`
	Overrides map[string]Overridables `yaml:"overrides,omitempty"`

Config contains the top level configuration for packages.

func Parse

func Parse(in io.Reader) (config Config, err error)

Parse decodes YAML data from an io.Reader into a configuration struct.

func ParseFile

func ParseFile(path string) (config Config, err error)

ParseFile decodes YAML data from a file path into a configuration struct.

func (*Config) Get

func (c *Config) Get(format string) (info *Info, err error)

Get returns the Info struct for the given packager format. Overrides for the given format are merged into the final struct.

func (*Config) Validate

func (c *Config) Validate() error

Validate ensures that the config is well typed.

type Deb

type Deb struct {
	Scripts   DebScripts   `yaml:"scripts,omitempty"`
	Triggers  DebTriggers  `yaml:"triggers,omitempty"`
	Breaks    []string     `yaml:"breaks,omitempty"`
	Signature DebSignature `yaml:"signature,omitempty"`

Deb is custom configs that are only available on deb packages.

type DebScripts

type DebScripts struct {
	Rules     string `yaml:"rules,omitempty"`
	Templates string `yaml:"templates,omitempty"`

DebScripts is scripts only available on deb packages.

type DebSignature

type DebSignature struct {
	PackageSignature `yaml:",inline"`
	// origin, maint or archive (defaults to origin)
	Type string `yaml:"type,omitempty"`

type DebTriggers

type DebTriggers struct {
	Interest        []string `yaml:"interest,omitempty"`
	InterestAwait   []string `yaml:"interest_await,omitempty"`
	InterestNoAwait []string `yaml:"interest_noawait,omitempty"`
	Activate        []string `yaml:"activate,omitempty"`
	ActivateAwait   []string `yaml:"activate_await,omitempty"`
	ActivateNoAwait []string `yaml:"activate_noawait,omitempty"`

DebTriggers contains triggers only available for deb packages.

type ErrFieldEmpty

type ErrFieldEmpty struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ErrFieldEmpty happens when some required field is empty.

func (ErrFieldEmpty) Error

func (e ErrFieldEmpty) Error() string

type ErrNoPackager

type ErrNoPackager struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ErrNoPackager happens when no packager is registered for the given format.

func (ErrNoPackager) Error

func (e ErrNoPackager) Error() string

type ErrSigningFailure

type ErrSigningFailure struct {
	Err error

ErrSigningFailure is returned whenever something went wrong during the package signing process. The underlying error can be unwrapped and could be crypto-related or something that occurred while adding the signature to the package.

func (*ErrSigningFailure) Error

func (s *ErrSigningFailure) Error() string

func (*ErrSigningFailure) Unwarp

func (s *ErrSigningFailure) Unwarp() error

type Info

type Info struct {
	Overridables    `yaml:",inline"`
	Name            string `yaml:"name,omitempty"`
	Arch            string `yaml:"arch,omitempty"`
	Platform        string `yaml:"platform,omitempty"`
	Epoch           string `yaml:"epoch,omitempty"`
	Version         string `yaml:"version,omitempty"`
	Release         string `yaml:"release,omitempty"`
	Prerelease      string `yaml:"prerelease,omitempty"`
	VersionMetadata string `yaml:"version_metadata,omitempty"`
	Section         string `yaml:"section,omitempty"`
	Priority        string `yaml:"priority,omitempty"`
	Maintainer      string `yaml:"maintainer,omitempty"`
	Description     string `yaml:"description,omitempty"`
	Vendor          string `yaml:"vendor,omitempty"`
	Homepage        string `yaml:"homepage,omitempty"`
	License         string `yaml:"license,omitempty"`
	Changelog       string `yaml:"changelog,omitempty"`
	DisableGlobbing bool   `yaml:"disable_globbing"`
	Target          string `yaml:"-"`

Info contains information about a single package.

func WithDefaults

func WithDefaults(info *Info) *Info

WithDefaults set some sane defaults into the given Info.

func (*Info) GetChangeLog

func (i *Info) GetChangeLog() (log *chglog.PackageChangeLog, err error)

GetChangeLog parses the provided changelog file.

func (*Info) Validate

func (i *Info) Validate() error

type Overridables

type Overridables struct {
	Replaces     []string       `yaml:"replaces,omitempty"`
	Provides     []string       `yaml:"provides,omitempty"`
	Depends      []string       `yaml:"depends,omitempty"`
	Recommends   []string       `yaml:"recommends,omitempty"`
	Suggests     []string       `yaml:"suggests,omitempty"`
	Conflicts    []string       `yaml:"conflicts,omitempty"`
	Contents     files.Contents `yaml:"contents,omitempty"`
	EmptyFolders []string       `yaml:"empty_folders,omitempty"`
	Scripts      Scripts        `yaml:"scripts,omitempty"`
	RPM          RPM            `yaml:"rpm,omitempty"`
	Deb          Deb            `yaml:"deb,omitempty"`
	APK          APK            `yaml:"apk,omitempty"`

Overridables contain the field which are overridable in a package.

type PackageSignature

type PackageSignature struct {
	// PGP secret key, can be ASCII-armored
	KeyFile       string `yaml:"key_file,omitempty"`
	KeyPassphrase string `yaml:"-"` // populated from environment variable

type Packager

type Packager interface {
	Package(info *Info, w io.Writer) error
	ConventionalFileName(info *Info) string

Packager represents any packager implementation.

func Get

func Get(format string) (Packager, error)

Get a packager for the given format.

type RPM

type RPM struct {
	Group       string       `yaml:"group,omitempty"`
	Summary     string       `yaml:"summary,omitempty"`
	Compression string       `yaml:"compression,omitempty"`
	Signature   RPMSignature `yaml:"signature,omitempty"`

RPM is custom configs that are only available on RPM packages.

type RPMSignature

type RPMSignature struct {
	PackageSignature `yaml:",inline"`

type Scripts

type Scripts struct {
	PreInstall  string `yaml:"preinstall,omitempty"`
	PostInstall string `yaml:"postinstall,omitempty"`
	PreRemove   string `yaml:"preremove,omitempty"`
	PostRemove  string `yaml:"postremove,omitempty"`

Scripts contains information about maintainer scripts for packages.

Source Files


Path Synopsis
apk Package apk implements nfpm.Packager providing .apk bindings.
cmd/nfpm Package main contains the main nfpm cli source code.
deb Package deb implements nfpm.Packager providing .deb bindings.
internal/glob Package glob provides file globbing for use in nfpm.Packager implementations
rpm Package rpm implements nfpm.Packager providing .rpm bindings using google/rpmpack.