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type Application

type Application struct {

func (Application) EnterDemo

func (c Application) EnterDemo(user, demo string) revel.Result

func (Application) Index

func (c Application) Index() revel.Result

type LongPolling

type LongPolling struct {

func (LongPolling) Leave

func (c LongPolling) Leave(user string) revel.Result

func (LongPolling) Room

func (c LongPolling) Room(user string) revel.Result

func (LongPolling) Say

func (c LongPolling) Say(user, message string) revel.Result

func (LongPolling) WaitMessages

func (c LongPolling) WaitMessages(lastReceived int) revel.Result

type Refresh

type Refresh struct {

func (Refresh) Index

func (c Refresh) Index(user string) revel.Result

func (Refresh) Leave

func (c Refresh) Leave(user string) revel.Result

func (Refresh) Room

func (c Refresh) Room(user string) revel.Result

func (Refresh) Say

func (c Refresh) Say(user, message string) revel.Result

type WebSocket

type WebSocket struct {

func (WebSocket) Room

func (c WebSocket) Room(user string) revel.Result

func (WebSocket) RoomSocket

func (c WebSocket) RoomSocket(user string, ws *websocket.Conn) revel.Result

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