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type Target

type Target struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Target refers to a singular HTTP or HTTPS endpoint.

func NewTarget

func NewTarget(labels, discoveredLabels model.LabelSet, params url.Values) *Target

NewTarget creates a reasonably configured target for querying.

func (*Target) DiscoveredLabels added in v1.5.0

func (t *Target) DiscoveredLabels() model.LabelSet

DiscoveredLabels returns a copy of the target's labels before any processing.

func (*Target) Health

func (t *Target) Health() TargetHealth

Health returns the last known health state of the target.

func (*Target) Labels

func (t *Target) Labels() model.LabelSet

Labels returns a copy of the set of all public labels of the target.

func (*Target) LastError

func (t *Target) LastError() error

LastError returns the error encountered during the last scrape.

func (*Target) LastScrape

func (t *Target) LastScrape() time.Time

LastScrape returns the time of the last scrape.

func (*Target) String

func (t *Target) String() string

func (*Target) URL

func (t *Target) URL() *url.URL

URL returns a copy of the target's URL.

type TargetHealth

type TargetHealth string

TargetHealth describes the health state of a target.

const (
	HealthUnknown TargetHealth = "unknown"
	HealthGood    TargetHealth = "up"
	HealthBad     TargetHealth = "down"

The possible health states of a target based on the last performed scrape.

type TargetManager

type TargetManager struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

TargetManager maintains a set of targets, starts and stops their scraping and creates the new targets based on the target groups it receives from various target providers.

func NewTargetManager

func NewTargetManager(app storage.SampleAppender, logger log.Logger) *TargetManager

NewTargetManager creates a new TargetManager.

func (*TargetManager) ApplyConfig

func (tm *TargetManager) ApplyConfig(cfg *config.Config) error

ApplyConfig resets the manager's target providers and job configurations as defined by the new cfg. The state of targets that are valid in the new configuration remains unchanged.

func (*TargetManager) Run

func (tm *TargetManager) Run()

Run starts background processing to handle target updates.

func (*TargetManager) Stop

func (tm *TargetManager) Stop()

Stop all background processing.

func (*TargetManager) Targets added in v1.5.0

func (tm *TargetManager) Targets() []*Target

Targets returns the targets currently being scraped.

type Targets

type Targets []*Target

Targets is a sortable list of targets.

func (Targets) Len

func (ts Targets) Len() int

func (Targets) Less

func (ts Targets) Less(i, j int) bool

func (Targets) Swap

func (ts Targets) Swap(i, j int)

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