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type QueryStats

type QueryStats struct {
	Timings queryTimings `json:"timings,omitempty"`

QueryStats currently only holding query timings.

func NewQueryStats

func NewQueryStats(tg *QueryTimers) *QueryStats

NewQueryStats makes a QueryStats struct with all QueryTimings found in the given TimerGroup.

type QueryTimers

type QueryTimers struct {

func NewQueryTimers

func NewQueryTimers() *QueryTimers

func (*QueryTimers) GetSpanTimer

func (qs *QueryTimers) GetSpanTimer(ctx context.Context, qt QueryTiming, observers ...prometheus.Observer) (*SpanTimer, context.Context)

type QueryTiming

type QueryTiming int

QueryTiming identifies the code area or functionality in which time is spent during a query.

const (
	EvalTotalTime QueryTiming = iota

Query timings.

func (QueryTiming) SpanOperation

func (s QueryTiming) SpanOperation() string

Return a string representation of a QueryTiming span operation.

func (QueryTiming) String

func (s QueryTiming) String() string

Return a string representation of a QueryTiming identifier.

type SpanTimer

type SpanTimer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

SpanTimer unifies tracing and timing, to reduce repetition.

func NewSpanTimer

func NewSpanTimer(ctx context.Context, operation string, timer *Timer, observers ...prometheus.Observer) (*SpanTimer, context.Context)

func (*SpanTimer) Finish

func (s *SpanTimer) Finish()

type Timer

type Timer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

A Timer that can be started and stopped and accumulates the total time it was running (the time between Start() and Stop()).

func (*Timer) Duration

func (t *Timer) Duration() float64

Duration returns the duration value of the timer in seconds.

func (*Timer) ElapsedTime

func (t *Timer) ElapsedTime() time.Duration

ElapsedTime returns the time that passed since starting the timer.

func (*Timer) Start

func (t *Timer) Start() *Timer

Start the timer.

func (*Timer) Stop

func (t *Timer) Stop()

Stop the timer.

func (*Timer) String

func (t *Timer) String() string

Return a string representation of the Timer.

type TimerGroup

type TimerGroup struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

A TimerGroup represents a group of timers relevant to a single query.

func NewTimerGroup

func NewTimerGroup() *TimerGroup

NewTimerGroup constructs a new TimerGroup.

func (*TimerGroup) GetTimer

func (t *TimerGroup) GetTimer(name fmt.Stringer) *Timer

GetTimer gets (and creates, if necessary) the Timer for a given code section.

func (*TimerGroup) String

func (t *TimerGroup) String() string

Return a string representation of a TimerGroup.

type Timers

type Timers []*Timer

Timers is a slice of Timer pointers that implements Len and Swap from sort.Interface.

func (Timers) Len

func (t Timers) Len() int

Len implements sort.Interface.

func (Timers) Swap

func (t Timers) Swap(i, j int)

Swap implements sort.Interface.

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