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var Types = []Type{}/* 181 elements not displayed */

    Types stores known EC2 instance types.


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    type Type

    type Type struct {
    	// Name is the API name of this EC2 instance type.
    	Name string
    	// EBSOptimized is set to true if the instance type permits EBS optimization.
    	EBSOptimized bool
    	// EBSThroughput is the max throughput for the EBS optimized instance.
    	EBSThroughput float64
    	// VCPU stores the number of VCPUs provided by this instance type.
    	VCPU uint
    	// Memory stores the number of (fractional) GiB of memory provided by this instance type.
    	Memory float64
    	// Price stores the on-demand price per region for this instance type.
    	Price map[string]float64
    	// Generation stores the generation name for this instance ("current" or "previous").
    	Generation string
    	// Virt stores the virtualization type used by this instance type.
    	Virt string
    	// NVMe specifies whether EBS block devices are exposed as NVMe volumes.
    	NVMe bool
    	// CPUFeatures defines the available CPU features on this instance type
    	CPUFeatures map[string]bool

      Type describes an EC2 instance type.

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