Package s3blob implements the blob interfaces for S3.



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    var DefaultRegion = "us-east-1"

      DefaultRegion is the region used for s3 requests if a bucket's region is undiscoverable (e.g., lacking permissions for the GetBucketLocation API call.)

      Amazon generally defaults to us-east-1 when regions are unspecified (or undiscoverable), but this can be overridden if a different default is desired.


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      type Bucket

      type Bucket struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        Bucket represents an s3 bucket; it implements blob.Bucket.

        func NewBucket

        func NewBucket(name string, client s3iface.S3API) *Bucket

          NewBucket returns a new S3 bucket that uses the provided client for SDK calls. NewBucket is primarily intended for testing.

          func (*Bucket) Copy

          func (b *Bucket) Copy(ctx context.Context, src, dst string, contentHash string) error

            Copy copies the key src to the key dst. This is done directly without streaming the data through the client. If a non-empty contentHash is provided, it is stored in the object's metadata.

            func (*Bucket) CopyFrom

            func (b *Bucket) CopyFrom(ctx context.Context, srcBucket blob.Bucket, src, dst string) error

              CopyFrom copies from bucket src and key srcKey into this bucket. This is done directly without streaming the data through the client.

              func (*Bucket) Delete

              func (b *Bucket) Delete(ctx context.Context, keys ...string) (err error)

                Delete removes the provided keys in bulk.

                func (*Bucket) Download

                func (b *Bucket) Download(ctx context.Context, key, etag string, size int64, w io.WriterAt) (int64, error)

                  Download downloads the object named by the provided key. Download uses the AWS SDK's download manager, performing concurrent downloads to the provided io.WriterAt.

                  func (*Bucket) File

                  func (b *Bucket) File(ctx context.Context, key string) (reflow.File, error)

                    File returns metadata for the provided key.

                    func (*Bucket) Get

                    func (b *Bucket) Get(ctx context.Context, key, etag string) (io.ReadCloser, reflow.File, error)

                      Get retrieves the object at the provided key.

                      func (*Bucket) Location

                      func (b *Bucket) Location() string

                        Location returns the s3 URL of this bucket, e.g., s3://grail-reflow/.

                        func (*Bucket) Put

                        func (b *Bucket) Put(ctx context.Context, key string, size int64, body io.Reader, contentHash string) error

                          Put stores the contents of the provided io.Reader at the provided key and attaches the given contentHash to the object's metadata.

                          func (*Bucket) Scan

                          func (b *Bucket) Scan(prefix string) blob.Scanner

                            Scan returns a scanner that iterates over all objects in the provided prefix.

                            func (*Bucket) Snapshot

                            func (b *Bucket) Snapshot(ctx context.Context, prefix string) (reflow.Fileset, error)

                              Snapshot returns an un-loaded Reflow fileset of the contents at the provided prefix.

                              type Store

                              type Store struct {
                              	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                Store implements blob.Store for S3. Buckets in store correspond exactly with buckets in S3. Store manages region discovery and session maintenance so that S3 access can be treated uniformly across regions.

                                func New

                                func New(sess *session.Session) *Store

                                  New returns a new store that uses the provided session for API access.

                                  func (*Store) Bucket

                                  func (s *Store) Bucket(ctx context.Context, bucket string) (blob.Bucket, error)

                                    Bucket returns the s3 bucket with the provided name. An errors.NotExist error is returned if the bucket does not exist.

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