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type HookState

type HookState struct {
	// Prestart is true if the hook has run Prestart successfully and does
	// not need to run again
	PrestartDone bool

	// Data allows hooks to persist arbitrary state.
	Data map[string]string

	// Environment variables set by the hook that will continue to be set
	// even if PrestartDone=true.
	Env map[string]string

func (*HookState) Copy

func (h *HookState) Copy() *HookState

    Copy HookState. Returns nil if its nil.

    func (*HookState) Equal

    func (h *HookState) Equal(o *HookState) bool

    type LocalState

    type LocalState struct {
    	Hooks map[string]*HookState
    	// DriverNetwork is the network information returned by the task
    	// driver's Start method
    	DriverNetwork *drivers.DriverNetwork
    	// TaskHandle is the handle used to reattach to the task during recovery
    	TaskHandle *drivers.TaskHandle

      LocalState is Task state which is persisted for use when restarting Nomad agents.

      func NewLocalState

      func NewLocalState() *LocalState

      func (*LocalState) Canonicalize

      func (s *LocalState) Canonicalize()

        Canonicalize ensures LocalState is in a consistent state by initializing Hooks and ensuring no HookState's are nil. Useful for cleaning unmarshalled state which may be in an unknown state.

        func (*LocalState) Copy

        func (s *LocalState) Copy() *LocalState

          Copy LocalState. Returns nil if nil.

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