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type Issue

type Issue struct {
	Type  string `json:"type"`
	Param string `json:"param"`
	PoC   string `json:"poc"`

Issue is struct of issue

type MassJob

type MassJob struct {
	Name string
	URLs []string

MassJob is list for mass

type Options

type Options struct {
	UniqParam         string `json:"param"`
	Cookie            string `json:"cookie"`
	Header            string `json:"header"`
	ConfigFile        string `json:"config"`
	BlindURL          string `json:"blind"`
	CustomPayloadFile string `json:""`
	CustomAlertValue  string `json:"custom-alert-value"`
	CustomAlertType   string `json:"custom-alert-type"`
	Data              string `json:"data"`
	UserAgent         string `json:"user-agent"`
	OutputFile        string `json:"output"`
	Format            string `json:"format"`
	FoundAction       string `json:"found-action"`
	ProxyAddress      string `json:"proxy"`
	Grep              string `json:"grep"`
	IgnoreReturn      string `json:"ignore-return"`
	Trigger           string `json:"trigger"`
	Timeout           int    `json:"timeout"`
	Concurrence       int    `json:"worker"`
	Delay             int    `json:"delay"`
	AllURLS           int
	NowURL            int
	Sequence          int  `json:"sequence"`
	OnlyDiscovery     bool `json:"only-discovery"`
	OnlyCustomPayload bool `json:"only-custom-payload"`
	Silence           bool `json:"silence"`
	IsAPI             bool
	Mass              bool `json:"mass"`
	MulticastMode     bool
	Scan              map[string]Scan
	FollowRedirect    bool   `json:"follow-redirects"`
	Mining            bool   `json:"mining-dict"`
	FindingDOM        bool   `json:"mining-dom"`
	MiningWordlist    string `json:"mining-dict-word"`
	NoColor           bool   `json:"no-color"`
	Method            string `json:"method"`
	NoSpinner         bool   `json:"no-spinner"`
	NoBAV             bool   `json:"no-bav"`
	ServerHost        string
	ServerPort        int
	NoGrep            bool `json:"skip-grepping"`
	Debug             bool `json:"debug"`
	CookieFromRaw     string
	SpinnerObject     *s.Spinner
	AuroraObject      a.Aurora
	StartTime         t.Time
	PathReflection    map[int]string

Options is struct of options

type Scan

type Scan struct {
	URL     string
	ScanID  string
	Logs    []string
	Results []Issue

Scan is struct of scan

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