Package vector provides functions for vector graphics rendering.

    This package is under experiments and the API might be changed with breaking backward compatibility.



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    type FillOptions

    type FillOptions struct {
    	// Color is a color to fill with.
    	Color color.Color

      FillOptions represents options to fill a path.

      type Path

      type Path struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        Path represents a collection of path segments.

        func (*Path) CubicTo

        func (p *Path) CubicTo(cp0x, cp0y, cp1x, cp1y, x, y float32)

          CubicTo adds a cubic Bézier curve to the path.

          func (*Path) Fill

          func (p *Path) Fill(dst *ebiten.Image, op *FillOptions)

            Fill fills the region of the path with the given options op.

            func (*Path) LineTo

            func (p *Path) LineTo(x, y float32)

              LineTo adds a line segument to the path, which starts from the current position and ends to the given position (x, y).

              LineTo updates the current position to (x, y).

              func (*Path) MoveTo

              func (p *Path) MoveTo(x, y float32)

                MoveTo skips the current position of the path to the given position (x, y) without adding any strokes.

                func (*Path) QuadTo

                func (p *Path) QuadTo(cpx, cpy, x, y float32)

                  QuadTo adds a quadratic Bézier curve to the path.

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