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Published: Jul 13, 2019 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


func AppendAssetBytes

func AppendAssetBytes(bytes []byte)

func IsRunning

func IsRunning() bool

func RespondAsset

func RespondAsset(id int, success bool, data []uint8) (err error)

func RespondChangeLanguage

func RespondChangeLanguage(id int) (err error)

func RespondInterstitialAds

func RespondInterstitialAds(id int, success bool) (err error)
func RespondOpenLink(id int) (err error)

func RespondPurchase

func RespondPurchase(id int, success bool, purchases []uint8) (err error)

func RespondRestorePurchases

func RespondRestorePurchases(id int, success bool, purchases []uint8) (err error)

func RespondRewardedAds

func RespondRewardedAds(id int, success bool) (err error)

func RespondSavePermanent

func RespondSavePermanent(id int) (err error)

func RespondSaveProgress

func RespondSaveProgress(id int) (err error)

func RespondShareImage

func RespondShareImage(id int) (err error)

func RespondShowShop

func RespondShowShop(id int, success bool, purchases []uint8) (err error)

func RespondUnlockAchievement

func RespondUnlockAchievement(id int) (err error)

func SetPlatformData

func SetPlatformData(key string, value string) (err error)

func SetScreenSize

func SetScreenSize(widthInDP, heightInDP int)

func Start

func Start(widthInDP int, heightInDP int, requester Requester, project []byte, progress []byte, permanent []byte, purchases []byte, language string) (err error)

func Update

func Update() (err error)

func UpdateTouchesOnAndroid

func UpdateTouchesOnAndroid(action int, id int, x, y int)

func UpdateTouchesOnIOS

func UpdateTouchesOnIOS(phase int, ptr int64, x, y int)

type Requester

type Requester scene.Requester

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