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const (
	// The default user that the executor uses to run tasks
	DefaultUnprivilegedUser = "nobody"

	// CheckBufSize is the size of the check output result
	CheckBufSize = 4 * 1024


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type CheckResult added in v0.3.2

type CheckResult struct {

	// ExitCode is the exit code of the check
	ExitCode int

	// Output is the output of the check script
	Output string

	// Timestamp is the time at which the check was executed
	Timestamp time.Time

	// Duration is the time it took the check to run
	Duration time.Duration

	// Err is the error that a check returned
	Err error

CheckResult encapsulates the result of a check

type ExecutorConfig added in v0.5.3

type ExecutorConfig struct {

	// LogFile is the file to which Executor logs
	LogFile string

	// LogLevel is the level of the logs to putout
	LogLevel string

ExecutorConfig is the config that Nomad passes to the executor

type IsolationConfig added in v0.3.0

type IsolationConfig struct {
	Cgroup      *cgroupConfig.Cgroup
	CgroupPaths map[string]string

IsolationConfig has information about the isolation mechanism the executor uses to put resource constraints and isolation on the user process

type WaitResult

type WaitResult struct {
	ExitCode int
	Signal   int
	Err      error

WaitResult stores the result of a Wait operation.

func NewWaitResult

func NewWaitResult(code, signal int, err error) *WaitResult

func (*WaitResult) String

func (r *WaitResult) String() string

func (*WaitResult) Successful

func (r *WaitResult) Successful() bool

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