Package fifo implements functions to create and open a fifo for inter-process communication in an OS agnostic way. A few assumptions should be made when using this package. First, New() must always be called before Open(). Second Open() returns an io.ReadWriteCloser that is only connected with the io.ReadWriteCloser returned from New().



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    func CreateAndRead

    func CreateAndRead(path string) (func() (io.ReadCloser, error), error)

      CreateAndRead creates a fifo at the given path, and returns an open function for reading. For compatibility with windows, the fifo must not exist already.

      It returns a reader open function that may block until a writer opens so it's advised to run it in a goroutine different from reader goroutine

      func IsClosedErr

      func IsClosedErr(err error) bool

      func OpenReader

      func OpenReader(path string) (io.ReadCloser, error)

      func OpenWriter

      func OpenWriter(path string) (io.WriteCloser, error)

        OpenWriter opens a fifo file for writer, assuming it already exists, returns io.WriteCloser

        func Remove

        func Remove(path string) error

          Remove a fifo that already exists at a given path


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