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Package logging contains shared environment variable and log functionality.



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const (
	// Go type of the provider selected by mux.
	KeyTfMuxProvider = "tf_mux_provider"

	// The RPC being run, such as "ApplyResourceChange"
	KeyTfRpc = "tf_rpc"

Global logging keys attached to all requests.

Practitioners or tooling reading logs may be depending on these keys, so be conscious of that when changing them.

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const (
	// EnvTfLogSdkMux is an environment variable that sets the logging level
	// of the mux logger. Infers root SDK logging level, if unset.
	EnvTfLogSdkMux = "TF_LOG_SDK_MUX"

Environment variables.

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const (
	// SubsystemMux is the tfsdklog subsystem name for mux logging.
	SubsystemMux = "mux"


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func InitContext

func InitContext(ctx context.Context) context.Context

InitContext creates SDK logger contexts.

func MuxTrace

func MuxTrace(ctx context.Context, msg string, additionalFields ...map[string]interface{})

MuxTrace emits a mux subsystem log at TRACE level.

func RpcContext

func RpcContext(ctx context.Context, rpc string) context.Context

RpcContext injects the RPC name into logger contexts.

func Tfprotov5ProviderServerContext

func Tfprotov5ProviderServerContext(ctx context.Context, p tfprotov5.ProviderServer) context.Context

Tfprotov5ProviderServerContext injects the chosen provider Go type

func Tfprotov6ProviderServerContext

func Tfprotov6ProviderServerContext(ctx context.Context, p tfprotov6.ProviderServer) context.Context

Tfprotov6ProviderServerContext injects the chosen provider Go type


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