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The latest major version is v2.

Published: Jul 8, 2020 | License: MPL-2.0 | Module:
Path Synopsis
acctest Package acctest provides the ability to opt in to the new binary test driver.
helper/acctest Package acctest contains for Terraform Acceptance Tests
helper/customdiff Package customdiff provides a set of reusable and composable functions to enable more "declarative" use of the CustomizeDiff mechanism available for resources in package helper/schema.
helper/pathorcontents Helpers for dealing with file paths and their contents
helper/schema schema is a high-level framework for easily writing new providers for Terraform.
internal/addrs Package addrs contains types that represent "addresses", which are references to specific objects within a Terraform configuration or state.
internal/command/format Package format contains helpers for formatting various Terraform structures for human-readabout output.
internal/configs Package configs contains types that represent Terraform configurations and the different elements thereof.
internal/configs/configload Package configload knows how to install modules into the .terraform/modules directory and to load modules from those installed locations.
internal/configs/configschema Package configschema contains types for describing the expected structure of a configuration block whose shape is not known until runtime.
internal/earlyconfig Package earlyconfig is a specialized alternative to the top-level "configs" package that does only shallow processing of configuration and is therefore able to be much more liberal than the full config loader in what it accepts.
internal/helper/experiment experiment package contains helper functions for tracking experimental features throughout Terraform.
internal/helper/plugin Package plugin contains types and functions to help Terraform plugins implement the plugin rpc interface.
internal/initwd Package initwd contains various helper functions used by the "terraform init" command to initialize a working directory.
internal/lang Package lang deals with the runtime aspects of Terraform's configuration language, with concerns such as expression evaluation.
internal/lang/blocktoattr Package blocktoattr includes some helper functions that can perform preprocessing on a HCL body where a configschema.Block schema is available in order to allow list and set attributes defined in the schema to be optionally written by the user as block syntax.
internal/modsdir Package modsdir is an internal package containing the model types used to represent the manifest of modules in a local modules cache directory.
internal/moduledeps Package moduledeps contains types that can be used to describe the providers required for all of the modules in a module tree.
internal/plans Package plans contains the types that are used to represent Terraform plans.
internal/plans/internal/planproto Package planproto is home to the Go stubs generated from the tfplan protobuf schema.
internal/plans/objchange Package objchange deals with the business logic of taking a prior state value and a config value and producing a proposed new merged value, along with other related rules in this domain.
internal/plans/planfile Package planfile deals with the file format used to serialize plans to disk and then deserialize them back into memory later.
internal/plugin/mock_proto Package mock_tfplugin5 is a generated GoMock package.
internal/providers Package providers contains the interface and primary types required to implement a Terraform resource provider.
internal/provisioners Package provisioners contains the interface and primary types to implement a Terraform resource provisioner.
internal/registry/regsrc Package regsrc provides helpers for working with source strings that identify resources within a Terraform registry.
internal/states Package states contains the types that are used to represent Terraform states.
internal/states/statefile Package statefile deals with the file format used to serialize states for persistent storage and then deserialize them into memory again later.
internal/tfdiags Package tfdiags is a utility package for representing errors and warnings in a manner that allows us to produce good messages for the user.
internal/version The version package provides a location to set the release versions for all packages to consume, without creating import cycles.
meta The meta package provides a location to set the release version and any other relevant metadata for the SDK.