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This is the Helm provider for Terraform.

The provider manages the installed Charts in your Kubernetes cluster, in the same way Helm does, through Terraform.

Helm v2 support

Release 1.0.0 for this provider brought support for Helm v3. This was a breaking change that removed support for Helm v2 and tiller. If you are still using Helm v2 and tiller you will have to pin your provider version to the latest 0.10.x release.

We will continue to accept bugfixes for the 0.10.x version of the provider, please open your pull request against the latest release-0.10.x branch.



  • Terraform 0.12.x
    • Note that version 0.11.x currently works, but is deprecated
  • Go 1.14.x (to build the provider plugin)

Getting Started

This is a small example of how to install the mariadb chart on your default kubernetes cluster, since the provider was initialized, all the configuration is retrieved from the environment. Please read the documentation for more information.

You should have a local configured copy of kubectl.

resource "helm_release" "my_database" {
    name      = "my-database"
    chart     = "stable/mariadb"

    set {
        name  = "mariadbUser"
        value = "foo"

    set {
        name = "mariadbPassword"
        value = "qux"

    set_string {
        name = "image.tags"
        value = "registry\\.io/terraform-provider-helm\\,example\\.io/terraform-provider-helm"


The Helm Provider for Terraform is the work of many contributors. We appreciate your help!

To contribute, please read the contribution guidelines. You may also report an issue. Once you've filed an issue, it will follow the issue lifecycle.

Also available are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.


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