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type Cmd

type Cmd struct {
	// Command is the command to run remotely. This is executed as if
	// it were a shell command, so you are expected to do any shell escaping
	// necessary.
	Command string

	// Stdin specifies the process's standard input. If Stdin is
	// nil, the process reads from an empty bytes.Buffer.
	Stdin io.Reader

	// Stdout and Stderr represent the process's standard output and
	// error.
	// If either is nil, it will be set to ioutil.Discard.
	Stdout io.Writer
	Stderr io.Writer

	// This thing is a mutex, lock when making modifications concurrently
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Cmd represents a remote command being prepared or run.

func (*Cmd) Init added in v0.11.4

func (c *Cmd) Init()

Init must be called by the Communicator before executing the command.

func (*Cmd) SetExitStatus added in v0.11.4

func (c *Cmd) SetExitStatus(status int, err error)

SetExitStatus stores the exit status of the remote command as well as any communicator related error. SetExitStatus then unblocks any pending calls to Wait. This should only be called by communicators executing the remote.Cmd.

func (*Cmd) Wait

func (c *Cmd) Wait() error

Wait waits for the remote command to complete. Wait may return an error from the communicator, or an ExitError if the process exits with a non-zero exit status.

type ExitError added in v0.11.6

type ExitError struct {
	Command    string
	ExitStatus int
	Err        error

ExitError is returned by Wait to indicate and error executing the remote command, or a non-zero exit status.

func (*ExitError) Error added in v0.11.6

func (e *ExitError) Error() string

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