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type AttrType

type AttrType byte

AttrType is an enum that tells the ResourceBuilder what type of attribute an attribute is, affecting the overall diff output.

The valid values are:

  • AttrTypeCreate - This attribute can only be set or updated on create. This means that if this attribute is changed, it will require a new resource to be created if it is already created.

  • AttrTypeUpdate - This attribute can be set at create time or updated in-place. Changing this attribute does not require a new resource.

const (
	AttrTypeUnknown AttrType = iota

type PreProcessFunc

type PreProcessFunc func(string) string

PreProcessFunc is used with the PreProcess field in a ResourceBuilder

type ResourceBuilder

type ResourceBuilder struct {
	// Attrs are the mapping of attributes that can be set from the
	// configuration, and the affect they have. See the documentation for
	// AttrType for more info.
	// Sometimes attributes in here are also computed. For example, an
	// "availability_zone" might be optional, but will be chosen for you
	// by AWS. In that case, specify it both here and in ComputedAttrs.
	// This will make sure that the absence of the configuration won't
	// cause a diff by setting it to the empty string.
	Attrs map[string]AttrType

	// ComputedAttrs are the attributes that are computed at
	// resource creation time.
	ComputedAttrs []string

	// ComputedAttrsUpdate are the attributes that are computed
	// at resource update time (this includes creation).
	ComputedAttrsUpdate []string

	// PreProcess is a mapping of exact keys that are sent through
	// a pre-processor before comparing values. The original value will
	// be put in the "NewExtra" field of the diff.
	PreProcess map[string]PreProcessFunc

ResourceBuilder is a helper that knows about how a single resource changes and how those changes affect the diff.

func (*ResourceBuilder) Diff

Diff returns the ResourceDiff for a resource given its state and configuration.

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