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type MutexKV

type MutexKV struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MutexKV is a simple key/value store for arbitrary mutexes. It can be used to serialize changes across arbitrary collaborators that share knowledge of the keys they must serialize on.

The initial use case is to let aws_security_group_rule resources serialize their access to individual security groups based on SG ID.

func NewMutexKV

func NewMutexKV() *MutexKV

Returns a properly initalized MutexKV

func (*MutexKV) Lock

func (m *MutexKV) Lock(key string)

Locks the mutex for the given key. Caller is responsible for calling Unlock for the same key

func (*MutexKV) Unlock

func (m *MutexKV) Unlock(key string)

Unlock the mutex for the given key. Caller must have called Lock for the same key first

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