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func NewProvider added in v0.12.0

func NewProvider() providers.Interface

NewProvider returns a new terraform provider


type Provider

type Provider struct {
	// Provider is the schema for the provider itself.
	Schema providers.Schema

	// DataSources maps the data source name to that data source's schema.
	DataSources map[string]providers.Schema

Provider is an implementation of providers.Interface

func (*Provider) ApplyResourceChange added in v0.12.0

ApplyResourceChange takes the planned state for a resource, which may yet contain unknown computed values, and applies the changes returning the final state.

func (*Provider) Close added in v0.12.0

func (p *Provider) Close() error

Close is a noop for this provider, since it's run in-process.

func (*Provider) ConfigureProvider added in v0.15.0

Configure configures and initializes the provider.

func (*Provider) GetProviderSchema added in v0.15.0

func (p *Provider) GetProviderSchema() providers.GetProviderSchemaResponse

GetSchema returns the complete schema for the provider.

func (*Provider) ImportResourceState added in v0.12.0

ImportResourceState requests that the given resource be imported.

func (*Provider) PlanResourceChange added in v0.12.0

PlanResourceChange takes the current state and proposed state of a resource, and returns the planned final state.

func (*Provider) ReadDataSource added in v0.12.0

ReadDataSource returns the data source's current state.

func (*Provider) ReadResource added in v0.12.0

ReadResource refreshes a resource and returns its current state.

func (*Provider) Stop added in v0.12.0

func (p *Provider) Stop() error

Stop is called when the provider should halt any in-flight actions.

func (*Provider) UpgradeResourceState added in v0.12.0

UpgradeResourceState is called when the state loader encounters an instance state whose schema version is less than the one reported by the currently-used version of the corresponding provider, and the upgraded result is used for any further processing.

func (*Provider) ValidateDataResourceConfig added in v0.15.0

ValidateDataResourceConfig is used to validate the data source configuration values.

func (*Provider) ValidateProviderConfig added in v0.15.0

ValidateProviderConfig is used to validate the configuration values.

func (*Provider) ValidateResourceConfig added in v0.15.0

ValidateResourceConfig is used to to validate the resource configuration values.

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