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const (
	CommandName = "check"


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func CheckDependencyVersion

func CheckDependencyVersion(providerPath, modPath, constaint string) (string, bool, error)

func CheckForGoModules

func CheckForGoModules(providerPath string) (usingModules bool)

func CheckGoVersion

func CheckGoVersion(providerPath string) (goVersion string, satisfiesConstraint bool)

func CheckSDKPackageImports

func CheckSDKPackageImports(details *ProviderImportDetails) ([]string, error)

func CommandFactory

func CommandFactory(ui cli.Ui) func() (cli.Command, error)

func ReadVersionFromModFile

func ReadVersionFromModFile(path, dependencyPath string) (*version.Version, error)

func RunCheck

func RunCheck(ui cli.Ui, providerPath, repoName string) error


type AlreadyMigrated

type AlreadyMigrated struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*AlreadyMigrated) Error

func (am *AlreadyMigrated) Error() string

type Offence

type Offence struct {
	IdentDeprecation *identDeprecation
	Positions        []*token.Position

func CheckSDKPackageImportsAndRefs

func CheckSDKPackageImportsAndRefs(providerPath string) (removedPackagesInUse []string, packageRefsOffences []*Offence, err error)

func CheckSDKPackageRefs

func CheckSDKPackageRefs(providerImportDetails *ProviderImportDetails) ([]*Offence, error)

type ProviderImportDetails

type ProviderImportDetails struct {
	AllImportPathsHash map[string]bool
	Packages           map[string]ProviderPackage

ProviderImports is a data structure we parse the `go list` output into for efficient searching

func GoListPackageImports

func GoListPackageImports(providerPath string) (*ProviderImportDetails, error)

type ProviderPackage

type ProviderPackage struct {
	Dir         string
	ImportPath  string
	GoFiles     []string
	TestGoFiles []string
	Imports     []string
	TestImports []string

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