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const (
	AuthTypeGCPIAM = "gcp_iam"


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var ErrNotInitialized = errors.New("connection has not been initialized")


func GetCloudSQLAuthOptions added in v0.10.1

func GetCloudSQLAuthOptions(credentials string) ([]cloudsqlconn.Option, error)

GetCloudSQLAuthOptions takes a credentials JSON and returns a set of GCP CloudSQL options - always WithIAMAUthN, and then the appropriate file/JSON option.

func ValidateAuthType added in v0.10.1

func ValidateAuthType(authType string) bool


type ConnectionProducer

type ConnectionProducer interface {
	Close() error
	Init(context.Context, map[string]interface{}, bool) (map[string]interface{}, error)
	Connection(context.Context) (interface{}, error)


	// DEPRECATED, will be removed in 0.12
	Initialize(context.Context, map[string]interface{}, bool) error

ConnectionProducer can be used as an embedded interface in the Database definition. It implements the methods dealing with individual database connections and is used in all the builtin database types.

type SQLConnectionProducer

type SQLConnectionProducer struct {
	ConnectionURL            string      `json:"connection_url" mapstructure:"connection_url" structs:"connection_url"`
	MaxOpenConnections       int         `json:"max_open_connections" mapstructure:"max_open_connections" structs:"max_open_connections"`
	MaxIdleConnections       int         `json:"max_idle_connections" mapstructure:"max_idle_connections" structs:"max_idle_connections"`
	MaxConnectionLifetimeRaw interface{} `json:"max_connection_lifetime" mapstructure:"max_connection_lifetime" structs:"max_connection_lifetime"`
	Username                 string      `json:"username" mapstructure:"username" structs:"username"`
	Password                 string      `json:"password" mapstructure:"password" structs:"password"`
	AuthType                 string      `json:"auth_type" mapstructure:"auth_type" structs:"auth_type"`
	ServiceAccountJSON       string      `json:"service_account_json" mapstructure:"service_account_json" structs:"service_account_json"`
	DisableEscaping          bool        `json:"disable_escaping" mapstructure:"disable_escaping" structs:"disable_escaping"`

	Type      string
	RawConfig map[string]interface{}

	Initialized bool

	// contains filtered or unexported fields

SQLConnectionProducer implements ConnectionProducer and provides a generic producer for most sql databases

func (*SQLConnectionProducer) Close

func (c *SQLConnectionProducer) Close() error

Close attempts to close the connection

func (*SQLConnectionProducer) Connection

func (c *SQLConnectionProducer) Connection(ctx context.Context) (interface{}, error)

func (*SQLConnectionProducer) Init

func (c *SQLConnectionProducer) Init(ctx context.Context, conf map[string]interface{}, verifyConnection bool) (map[string]interface{}, error)

func (*SQLConnectionProducer) Initialize

func (c *SQLConnectionProducer) Initialize(ctx context.Context, conf map[string]interface{}, verifyConnection bool) error

func (*SQLConnectionProducer) SecretValues

func (c *SQLConnectionProducer) SecretValues() map[string]interface{}

func (*SQLConnectionProducer) SetCredentials added in v0.1.12

func (c *SQLConnectionProducer) SetCredentials(ctx context.Context, statements dbplugin.Statements, staticUser dbplugin.StaticUserConfig) (username, password string, err error)

SetCredentials uses provided information to set/create a user in the database. Unlike CreateUser, this method requires a username be provided and uses the name given, instead of generating a name. This is used for creating and setting the password of static accounts, as well as rolling back passwords in the database in the event an updated database fails to save in Vault's storage.

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