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const (
	// ExpirationRestoreWorkerCount specifies the number of workers to use while
	// restoring leases into the expiration manager
	ExpirationRestoreWorkerCount = 64

	// NamespaceHeaderName is the header set to specify which namespace the
	// request is indented for.
	NamespaceHeaderName = "X-Vault-Namespace"

	// AuthHeaderName is the name of the header containing the token.
	AuthHeaderName = "X-Vault-Token"

	// RequestHeaderName is the name of the header used by the Agent for
	// SSRF protection.
	RequestHeaderName = "X-Vault-Request"

	// PerformanceReplicationALPN is the negotiated protocol used for
	// performance replication.
	PerformanceReplicationALPN = "replication_v1"

	// DRReplicationALPN is the negotiated protocol used for dr replication.
	DRReplicationALPN = "replication_dr_v1"

	PerfStandbyALPN = "perf_standby_v1"

	RequestForwardingALPN = "req_fw_sb-act_v1"

	RaftStorageALPN = "raft_storage_v1"

	// ReplicationResolverALPN is the negotiated protocol used for
	// resolving replicaiton addresses
	ReplicationResolverALPN = "replication_resolver_v1"
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const (
	//N.B. This needs to be excluded from replication despite the name; it's
	//merely saying that this is cluster information for the replicated
	CoreReplicatedClusterPrefix   = "core/cluster/replicated/"
	CoreReplicatedClusterPrefixDR = "core/cluster/replicated-dr/"

	CoreReplicatedClusterInfoPath            = CoreReplicatedClusterPrefix + "info"
	CoreReplicatedClusterSecondariesPrefix   = CoreReplicatedClusterPrefix + "secondaries/"
	CoreReplicatedClusterInfoPathDR          = CoreReplicatedClusterPrefixDR + "info"
	CoreReplicatedClusterSecondariesPrefixDR = CoreReplicatedClusterPrefixDR + "secondaries/"

	// This is an identifier for the current secondary in the replicated paths
	// manager.  It should contain a character that is not allowed in secondary
	// ids to ensure it doesn't collide.
	CurrentReplicatedSecondaryIdentifier = ".current"
	CoreFeatureFlagPath                  = "core/cluster/feature-flags"
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const AgentPathCacheClear = "/agent/v1/cache-clear"

    AgentPathCacheClear is the path that the agent will use as its cache-clear endpoint.


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    var (
    	// ErrSealed is returned if an operation is performed on a sealed barrier.
    	// No operation is expected to succeed before unsealing
    	ErrSealed = errors.New("Vault is sealed")
    	// ErrStandby is returned if an operation is performed on a standby Vault.
    	// No operation is expected to succeed until active.
    	ErrStandby = errors.New("Vault is in standby mode")
    	// ErrPathContainsParentReferences is returned when a path contains parent
    	// references.
    	ErrPathContainsParentReferences = errors.New("path cannot contain parent references")
    	// ErrInvalidWrappingToken is returned when checking for the validity of
    	// a wrapping token that turns out to be invalid.
    	ErrInvalidWrappingToken = errors.New("wrapping token is not valid or does not exist")


    This section is empty.


    type PluginType

    type PluginType uint32
    const (
    	PluginTypeUnknown PluginType = iota

      This is a list of PluginTypes used by Vault. If we need to add any in the future, it would be best to add them to the _end_ of the list below because they resolve to incrementing numbers, which may be saved in state somewhere. Thus if the name for one of those numbers changed because a value were added to the middle, that could cause the wrong plugin types to be read from storage for a given underlying number. Example of the problem here:

      func ParsePluginType

      func ParsePluginType(pluginType string) (PluginType, error)

      func (PluginType) String

      func (p PluginType) String() string

      type ReplicationState

      type ReplicationState uint32
      const (
      	OldReplicationPrimary ReplicationState
      	ReplicationUnknown            ReplicationState = 0
      	ReplicationPerformancePrimary ReplicationState = 1 << iota // Note -- iota is 5 here!

      func (*ReplicationState) AddState

      func (r *ReplicationState) AddState(flag ReplicationState)

      func (*ReplicationState) ClearState

      func (r *ReplicationState) ClearState(flag ReplicationState)

      func (ReplicationState) GetDRString

      func (r ReplicationState) GetDRString() string

      func (ReplicationState) GetPerformanceString

      func (r ReplicationState) GetPerformanceString() string

      func (ReplicationState) HasState

      func (r ReplicationState) HasState(flag ReplicationState) bool

      func (ReplicationState) IsPrimaryState

      func (r ReplicationState) IsPrimaryState() bool

      func (ReplicationState) StateStrings

      func (r ReplicationState) StateStrings() []string

      func (*ReplicationState) ToggleState

      func (r *ReplicationState) ToggleState(flag ReplicationState)