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type HostInfo

type HostInfo struct {
	// Timestamp returns the timestamp in UTC on the collection time.
	Timestamp time.Time `json:"timestamp"`
	// CPU returns information about the CPU such as family, model, cores, etc.
	CPU []cpu.InfoStat `json:"cpu"`
	// CPUTimes returns statistics on CPU usage represented in Jiffies.
	CPUTimes []cpu.TimesStat `json:"cpu_times"`
	// Disk returns statitics on disk usage for all accessible partitions.
	Disk []*disk.UsageStat `json:"disk"`
	// Host returns general host information such as hostname, platform, uptime,
	// kernel version, etc.
	Host *host.InfoStat `json:"host"`
	// Memory contains statistics about the memory such as total, available, and
	// used memory in number of bytes.
	Memory *mem.VirtualMemoryStat `json:"memory"`

    HostInfo holds all the information that gets captured on the host. The set of information captured depends on the host operating system. For more information, refer to:

    func CollectHostInfo

    func CollectHostInfo(ctx context.Context) (*HostInfo, error)

      CollectHostInfo returns information on the host, which includes general host status, CPU, memory, and disk utilization.

      The function does a best-effort capture on the most information possible, continuing on capture errors encountered and appending them to a resulting multierror.Error that gets returned at the end.

      type HostInfoError

      type HostInfoError struct {
      	Type string
      	Err  error

        HostInfoError is a typed error for more convenient error checking.

        func (*HostInfoError) Error

        func (e *HostInfoError) Error() string

        func (*HostInfoError) WrappedErrors

        func (e *HostInfoError) WrappedErrors() []error