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Published: Dec 3, 2014 License: BSD-2-Clause Imports: 32 Imported by: 0


These tests differ from the *_test.go test files that are in the endpoint directories.

Those files are to be run with "go test" and do *not* involve accessing the live
DynamoDB service. It didn't seem wise to create unit tests that would involve billable
transactions with AWS. As a result, those unit tests merely assert the ability of
the endpoint libraries to be able to conform to the JSON standards published in the
AWS docs.

The files in this directory are LIVE tests. These programs will perform
transactions on the live DynamoDB service, and as a result, you will be billed for
them. You will need an AWS account and a ~/.aws-config.json file formatted correctly.

The filenames should explain what each test seeks to do. All tests should address
the same table. You should first run "create_table-livetest.go", and when you
are done, run "delete_table-livetest.go" to remove the table. Make sure the tablename
in the files does not conflict with a table name you are using already.

Many of these tests are "noisy" - they output JSON requests and responses in many
cases. Just comment out parts that don't interest you.

These tests are not exhaustive. Over time hopefully they will become so. Patches welcome.

I recommend using these files more as example documentation than a test suite. Some of the
files make reference to items created or modified in others, so the order in which you 
run them will be important. 


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