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Echo is a fast HTTP router (zero memory allocation) + micro web framework in Go.

  • Zippy router.
  • Extensible middleware/handler, supports:
    • Middleware
      • func(*echo.Context)
      • func(echo.HandlerFunc) echo.HandlerFunc
      • func(http.Handler) http.Handler
      • http.Handler
      • http.HandlerFunc
      • func(http.ResponseWriter, *http.Request)
    • Handler
      • func(*echo.Context)
      • http.Handler
      • http.HandlerFunc
      • func(http.ResponseWriter, *http.Request)
  • Handy encoding/decoding functions.
  • Serve static files, including index.

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package main

import (

	mw ""

type user struct {
	ID   string `json:"id"`
	Name string `json:"name"`

var users map[string]user

func init() {
	users = map[string]user{
		"1": user{
			ID:   "1",
			Name: "Wreck-It Ralph",

func createUser(c *echo.Context) {
	u := new(user)
	if c.Bind(u) {
		users[u.ID] = *u
		c.JSON(http.StatusCreated, u)

func getUsers(c *echo.Context) {
	c.JSON(http.StatusOK, users)

func getUser(c *echo.Context) {
	c.JSON(http.StatusOK, users[c.P(0)])

func main() {
	e := echo.New()

	//   Built-in middleware   //

	//   Third-party middleware   //

	s := stats.New()
	// Route
	e.Get("/stats", func(c *echo.Context) {
		c.JSON(200, s.Data())

	// Serve index file

	// Serve static files
	e.Static("/js", "public/js")

	//   Routes   //
	e.Post("/users", createUser)
	e.Get("/users", getUsers)
	e.Get("/users/:id", getUser)

	// Start server


Based on [julienschmidt/go-http-routing-benchmark] (, April 1, 2015

BenchmarkAce_GithubAll	   		20000	     69126 ns/op	   13792 B/op	     167 allocs/op
BenchmarkBear_GithubAll	   		10000	    252699 ns/op	   79952 B/op	     943 allocs/op
BenchmarkBeego_GithubAll		 3000	    485692 ns/op	  146272 B/op	    2092 allocs/op
BenchmarkEcho_GithubAll	   		30000	     43700 ns/op	       0 B/op	       0 allocs/op
BenchmarkBone_GithubAll	    	 1000	   2158467 ns/op	  648016 B/op	    8119 allocs/op
BenchmarkDenco_GithubAll   		20000	     83022 ns/op	   20224 B/op	     167 allocs/op
BenchmarkGin_GithubAll	   		20000	     72317 ns/op	   13792 B/op	     167 allocs/op
BenchmarkGocraftWeb_GithubAll	 5000	    381554 ns/op	  133280 B/op	    1889 allocs/op
BenchmarkGoji_GithubAll	    	 3000	    605232 ns/op	   56113 B/op	     334 allocs/op
BenchmarkGoJsonRest_GithubAll	 5000	    467810 ns/op	  135995 B/op	    2940 allocs/op
BenchmarkGoRestful_GithubAll	  200	   9345441 ns/op	  707604 B/op	    7558 allocs/op
BenchmarkGorillaMux_GithubAll	  200	   7043040 ns/op	  153136 B/op	    1791 allocs/op
BenchmarkHttpRouter_GithubAll	30000	     52251 ns/op	   13792 B/op	     167 allocs/op
BenchmarkHttpTreeMux_GithubAll	10000	    145114 ns/op	   56112 B/op	     334 allocs/op
BenchmarkKocha_GithubAll	    10000	    145061 ns/op	   23304 B/op	     843 allocs/op
BenchmarkMacaron_GithubAll	     2000	    697957 ns/op	  224960 B/op	    2315 allocs/op
BenchmarkMartini_GithubAll	      100	  11651997 ns/op	  237953 B/op	    2686 allocs/op
BenchmarkPat_GithubAll	          300	   3951799 ns/op	 1504101 B/op	   32222 allocs/op
BenchmarkRevel_GithubAll	     2000	   1129370 ns/op	  345553 B/op	    5918 allocs/op
BenchmarkRivet_GithubAll	    10000	    246564 ns/op	   84272 B/op	    1079 allocs/op
BenchmarkTango_GithubAll	      500	   3544850 ns/op	 1338664 B/op	   27736 allocs/op
BenchmarkTigerTonic_GithubAll	 2000	    979370 ns/op	  241088 B/op	    6052 allocs/op
BenchmarkTraffic_GithubAll	      200	   7508743 ns/op	 2664762 B/op	   22390 allocs/op
BenchmarkVulcan_GithubAll	     5000	    286727 ns/op	   19894 B/op	     609 allocs/op
BenchmarkZeus_GithubAll	         2000	    798335 ns/op	  300688 B/op	    2648 allocs/op




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const (
	MethodGET     = "GET"
	MethodHEAD    = "HEAD"
	MethodPATCH   = "PATCH"
	MethodPOST    = "POST"
	MethodPUT     = "PUT"
	MethodTRACE   = "TRACE"

	MIMEJSON = "application/json"
	MIMEText = "text/plain"

	HeaderAccept             = "Accept"
	HeaderContentDisposition = "Content-Disposition"
	HeaderContentLength      = "Content-Length"
	HeaderContentType        = "Content-Type"


This section is empty.


func NewRouter

func NewRouter(e *Echo) (r *router)


type Context

type Context struct {
	Request  *http.Request
	Response *response
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Context represents context for the current request. It holds request and response references, path parameters, data and registered handler for the route.

func (*Context) Bind

func (c *Context) Bind(i interface{}) bool

Bind decodes the payload into provided type based on Content-Type header.

func (*Context) Get

func (c *Context) Get(key string) interface{}

Get retrieves data from the context.

func (*Context) JSON

func (c *Context) JSON(n int, i interface{})

JSON sends an application/json response with status code.

func (*Context) P

func (c *Context) P(i uint8) string

P returns path parameter by index.

func (*Context) Param

func (c *Context) Param(n string) string

Param returns path parameter by name.

func (*Context) Redirect

func (c *Context) Redirect(n int, url string)

Redirect redirects the request using http.Redirect with status code.

func (*Context) Set

func (c *Context) Set(key string, val interface{})

Set saves data in the context.

func (*Context) String

func (c *Context) String(n int, s string)

String sends a text/plain response with status code.

type Echo

type Echo struct {
	Router *router
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func New

func New() (e *Echo)

New creates a echo instance.

func (*Echo) Connect

func (e *Echo) Connect(path string, h Handler)

Connect adds a CONNECT route > handler to the router.

func (*Echo) Delete

func (e *Echo) Delete(path string, h Handler)

Delete adds a DELETE route > handler to the router.

func (*Echo) Get

func (e *Echo) Get(path string, h Handler)

Get adds a GET route > handler to the router.

func (*Echo) Head

func (e *Echo) Head(path string, h Handler)

Head adds a HEAD route > handler to the router.

func (*Echo) Index

func (e *Echo) Index(file string)

Index serves index file.

func (*Echo) InternalServerErrorHandler

func (e *Echo) InternalServerErrorHandler(h Handler)

InternalServerErrorHandler sets a custom InternalServerError handler.

func (*Echo) MaxParam

func (e *Echo) MaxParam(n uint8)

MaxParam sets the maximum allowed path parameters. Default is 5, good enough for many users.

func (*Echo) MethodNotAllowedHandler

func (e *Echo) MethodNotAllowedHandler(h Handler)

MethodNotAllowedHandler sets a custom MethodNotAllowed handler.

func (*Echo) NotFoundHandler

func (e *Echo) NotFoundHandler(h Handler)

NotFoundHandler sets a custom NotFound handler.

func (*Echo) Options

func (e *Echo) Options(path string, h Handler)

Options adds an OPTIONS route > handler to the router.

func (*Echo) Patch

func (e *Echo) Patch(path string, h Handler)

Patch adds a PATCH route > handler to the router.

func (*Echo) Post

func (e *Echo) Post(path string, h Handler)

Post adds a POST route > handler to the router.

func (*Echo) Put

func (e *Echo) Put(path string, h Handler)

Put adds a PUT route > handler to the router.

func (*Echo) Run

func (e *Echo) Run(addr string)

func (*Echo) ServeFile

func (e *Echo) ServeFile(path, file string)

ServeFile serves a file.

func (*Echo) ServeHTTP

func (e *Echo) ServeHTTP(rw http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request)

func (*Echo) Static

func (e *Echo) Static(path, root string)

Static serves static files.

func (*Echo) Trace

func (e *Echo) Trace(path string, h Handler)

Trace adds a TRACE route > handler to the router.

func (*Echo) Use

func (e *Echo) Use(m ...Middleware)

Use adds handler to the middleware chain.

type Handler

type Handler interface{}

type HandlerFunc

type HandlerFunc func(*Context)

func (HandlerFunc) ServeHTTP

func (h HandlerFunc) ServeHTTP(r http.ResponseWriter, w *http.Request)


type Middleware

type Middleware interface{}

type MiddlewareFunc

type MiddlewareFunc func(HandlerFunc) HandlerFunc

type Params

type Params []param

func (Params) Get

func (ps Params) Get(n string) (v string)

Get returns path parameter by name.


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