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SoakTest Test Description

The test is being performed based on "Test based on Integration Tests without Teardown" section at Release Process page. See SoakTest

The test setup at Hazelcast lab environment is:

  1. Use 4 member cluster with 1 JVM per VM

  2. The client test program exercises the following API calls from 32 subroutines in a random manner in a busy loop (See map_soak.go):

    • Put/Gets (number of keys: 1000, value size of 1 byte)
    • Predicates
    • MapListeners
    • EntryProcessors

    The test code captures any error and logs to a file.

  3. Run 10 clients on one lab machine and this machine only runs clients (i.e. no server at this machine)

  4. Run the tests for 48 hours. Verify that:

    • Make sure that all the client processes are up and running before killing the clients after 48 hours.
    • Analyse the output file: Make sure that there are no errors printed.

Success Criteria

  1. No errors printed.
  2. All client processes are up and running after 48 hours with no problem.


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