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type Enclosure

type Enclosure struct {
	Url    string `xml:"url,attr"`
	Length string `xml:"length,attr,omitempty"`
	Type   string `xml:"type,attr"`

type Guid

type Guid struct {
	Guid        string `xml:",chardata"`
	IsPermaLink bool   `xml:"isPermaLink,attr,omitempty"`

type Item

type Item struct {
	Title       string        `xml:"title,omitempty"`
	Link        string        `xml:"link,omitempty"`
	Description string        `xml:"description,omitempty"`
	Author      string        `xml:"author,omitempty"`
	Enclosure   *Enclosure    `xml:"enclosure"`
	Guid        *Guid         `xml:"guid"`
	PubDate     string        `xml:"pubDate,omitempty"`
	Source      *Source       `xml:"source"`
	Content     string        `xml:"encoded,omitempty"`
	Date        string        `xml:"date,omitempty"`
	Published   string        `xml:"published,omitempty"`
	Media       *MediaContent `xml:"content"`
type Link struct {
	Rel      string `xml:"rel,attr"`
	Href     string `xml:"href,attr"`
	Type     string `xml:"type,attr"`
	Chardata string `xml:",chardata"`

type MediaContent

type MediaContent struct {
	XMLBase string `xml:" content"`
	URL     string `xml:"url,attr"`
	Type    string `xml:"type,attr"`

type Rss

type Rss struct {
	XMLName       string  `xml:"rss"`
	Title         string  `xml:"channel>title"`
	Link          []Link  `xml:"channel>link"`
	Description   string  `xml:"channel>description"`
	PubDate       string  `xml:"channel>pubDate,omitempty"`
	LastBuildDate string  `xml:"channel>lastBuildDate,omitempty"`
	Items         []*Item `xml:"channel>item"`
func (r *Rss) BaseLink() string

func (*Rss) Hub

func (r *Rss) Hub() string

type Source

type Source struct {
	Source string `xml:",chardata"`
	Url    string `xml:"url,attr"`

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