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Published: Nov 17, 2020 License: MIT



Wrapper API and cli examples in golang for interacting with lights via philips hue hub HTTP API.


Alt Demo of go-hue unit tests


To install "github.com/heatxsink/go-hue" golang module.

$ go get github.com/heatxsink/go-hue

To run the tests you'll need to set the following environment variables:

1. HUE_TEST_USERNAME (You can obtain a whitelisted username via examples/discover.go)
1. HUE_TEST_HOSTNAME (Your hue hub's hostname or IP address)

important note

As of API 1.31, Philips/Hue has disabled the deleteUser function, and it will always return the error unauthorized user.

To delete an app from your bridge, you must login to https://account.meethue.com/apps and manually delete using the website.

bugs and contribution

Please feel free to reach out. Issues and PR's are always welcome!


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