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var NativeEndian binary.ByteOrder

NativeEndian is the ByteOrder of the current system.


func GetDefaultGatewayIface

func GetDefaultGatewayIface() (*net.Interface, error)

func GetIfaceIP4Addr

func GetIfaceIP4Addr(iface *net.Interface) (net.IP, error)

func GetIfaceIP4AddrMatch

func GetIfaceIP4AddrMatch(iface *net.Interface, matchAddr net.IP) error

func GetInterfaceByIP

func GetInterfaceByIP(ip net.IP) (*net.Interface, error)

func NativelyLittle

func NativelyLittle() bool

func OpenTun

func OpenTun(name string) (*os.File, string, error)


type IP4

type IP4 uint32

func FromBytes

func FromBytes(ip []byte) IP4

func FromIP

func FromIP(ip net.IP) IP4

func ParseIP4

func ParseIP4(s string) (IP4, error)

func (IP4) MarshalJSON

func (ip IP4) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

json.Marshaler impl

func (IP4) NetworkOrder

func (ip IP4) NetworkOrder() uint32

func (IP4) Octets

func (ip IP4) Octets() (a, b, c, d byte)

func (IP4) String

func (ip IP4) String() string

func (IP4) StringSep

func (ip IP4) StringSep(sep string) string

func (IP4) ToIP

func (ip IP4) ToIP() net.IP

func (*IP4) UnmarshalJSON

func (ip *IP4) UnmarshalJSON(j []byte) error

json.Unmarshaler impl

type IP4Net

type IP4Net struct {
	IP        IP4
	PrefixLen uint

similar to net.IPNet but has uint based representation

func FromIPNet

func FromIPNet(n *net.IPNet) IP4Net

func (IP4Net) Contains

func (n IP4Net) Contains(ip IP4) bool

func (IP4Net) Equal

func (n IP4Net) Equal(other IP4Net) bool

func (IP4Net) MarshalJSON

func (n IP4Net) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

json.Marshaler impl

func (IP4Net) Mask

func (n IP4Net) Mask() uint32

func (IP4Net) Network

func (n IP4Net) Network() IP4Net

func (IP4Net) Next

func (n IP4Net) Next() IP4Net

func (IP4Net) Overlaps

func (n IP4Net) Overlaps(other IP4Net) bool

func (IP4Net) String

func (n IP4Net) String() string

func (IP4Net) StringSep

func (n IP4Net) StringSep(octetSep, prefixSep string) string

func (IP4Net) ToIPNet

func (n IP4Net) ToIPNet() *net.IPNet

func (*IP4Net) UnmarshalJSON

func (n *IP4Net) UnmarshalJSON(j []byte) error

json.Unmarshaler impl

type IPTables

type IPTables struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewIPTables

func NewIPTables() (*IPTables, error)

func (*IPTables) Append

func (ipt *IPTables) Append(table string, args ...string) error

func (*IPTables) AppendUnique

func (ipt *IPTables) AppendUnique(table string, args ...string) error

AppendUnique acts like Append except that it won't add a duplicate

func (*IPTables) ClearChain

func (ipt *IPTables) ClearChain(table, chain string) error

func (*IPTables) Exists

func (ipt *IPTables) Exists(table string, args ...string) (bool, error)

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