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func Add

func Add(n *core.IpfsNode, r io.Reader) (string, error)

Add builds a merkledag from the a reader, pinning all objects to the local datastore. Returns a key representing the root node.

func AddMetadataTo

func AddMetadataTo(n *core.IpfsNode, skey string, m *ft.Metadata) (string, error)

func AddR

func AddR(n *core.IpfsNode, root string) (key string, err error)

AddR recursively adds files in |path|.

func AddWrapped

func AddWrapped(n *core.IpfsNode, r io.Reader, filename string) (string, *merkledag.Node, error)

AddWrapped adds data from a reader, and wraps it with a directory object to preserve the filename. Returns the path of the added file ("<dir hash>/filename"), the DAG node of the directory, and and error if any.

func Cat

func Cat(n *core.IpfsNode, pstr string) (io.Reader, error)

func Metadata

func Metadata(n *core.IpfsNode, skey string) (*ft.Metadata, error)


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