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type ChanQueue

type ChanQueue struct {
	Queue   PeerQueue
	EnqChan chan<- peer.ID
	DeqChan <-chan peer.ID

ChanQueue makes any PeerQueue synchronizable through channels.

func NewChanQueue

func NewChanQueue(ctx context.Context, pq PeerQueue) *ChanQueue

NewChanQueue creates a ChanQueue by wrapping pq.

type PeerQueue

type PeerQueue interface {

	// Len returns the number of items in PeerQueue
	Len() int

	// Enqueue adds this node to the queue.

	// Dequeue retrieves the highest (smallest int) priority node
	Dequeue() peer.ID

PeerQueue maintains a set of peers ordered according to a metric. Implementations of PeerQueue could order peers based on distances along a KeySpace, latency measurements, trustworthiness, reputation, etc.

func NewXORDistancePQ

func NewXORDistancePQ(fromKey key.Key) PeerQueue

NewXORDistancePQ returns a PeerQueue which maintains its peers sorted in terms of their distances to each other in an XORKeySpace (i.e. using XOR as a metric of distance).

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