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Published: Mar 15, 2020 License: GPL-3.0 Imports: 17 Imported by: 0




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const (
	DEPLOY_CONFIG_FILE_NAME  string = "deploy-config"
	DEPLOY_DATA_FILE_NAME    string = "deploy-type"
	DEPLOY_NET_FILE_NAME     string = "deploy-net"
	DEPLOY_PKUGINS_FILE_NAME string = "deploy-plugins"
	DEPLOY_ENVS_FILE_NAME    string = "deploy-envs"
	DEFAULT_CONFIG_FOLDER    string = "env"
	DEFAULT_CHARTS_FOLDER    string = "charts"
	DEFAULT_MODULES_FOLDER   string = "mod"
	DEFAULT_SYSTEM_FOLDER    string = ".go-deploy"
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const (

	Version    string = "v. 1.0.0"
	Authors    string = "Fabrizio Torelli ("
	Disclaimer string = "No Warranty is given on use of this product"


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var Logger log.Logger = nil


func GetFileFormatDescritor

func GetFileFormatDescritor(fileName string, defaultFormat module.DescriptorTypeValue) module.DescriptorTypeValue

Evaluate most matching descriptor between given or empty and file extension most suitable format, it can return One of module.DescriptorTypeValue or "UNKNOWN", if no format is pecified and none taken from the file extension, or <default-extension-format><-<file-extension-format> in case there is not match with required format

func GetTarget

func GetTarget() string

Get(s) the given target file for loading the Feed

func ParseArguments

func ParseArguments() (*module.DeployConfig, error)

Parse Command line arguments

func RequiresHelp

func RequiresHelp() bool

Verify a command line request for Help() or Usage()

func Usage

func Usage()

Print Usage of the command


type Bootstrap

type Bootstrap interface {
	Init(baseDir string, suffix string, format module.DescriptorTypeValue, logger log.Logger) []error
	Load(baseDir string, suffix string, format module.DescriptorTypeValue, logger log.Logger) []error
	Run(feed *module.FeedExec, logger log.Logger) []error
	GetDeployConfig() *module.DeployConfig
	GetDeployType() *module.DeployType
	GetPluginsType() *module.PluginsConfig
	GetNetType() *module.NetProtocolType
	GetDefaultDeployConfig() *module.DeployConfig
	GetDefaultDeployType() *module.DeployType
	GetDefaultNetType() *module.NetProtocolType
	GetDefaultPluginsType() *module.PluginsConfig

Interface that describes Bootstrap Component behaviors

func NewBootStrap

func NewBootStrap() Bootstrap

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