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type ServingJobPrinter

type ServingJobPrinter struct {
	serving.Serving `yaml:",inline"`
	Desired         int32       `yaml:"desired" json:"desired"`
	Available       int32       `yaml:"available" json:"available"`
	Age             string      `yaml:"serving_duration" json:"serving_duration"`
	EndpointAddress string      `yaml:"endpoint_address" json:"endpoint_address"`
	EndpointPorts   string      `yaml:"endpoint_ports" json:"endpoint_ports"`
	Pods            []SimplePod `yaml:"instances" json:"instances"`

define the serving job printer

func NewServingJobPrinter

func NewServingJobPrinter(job servejob.Serving) ServingJobPrinter

create the printer

func (ServingJobPrinter) GetJson

func (sjp ServingJobPrinter) GetJson() ([]byte, error)

output the printer with json format

func (ServingJobPrinter) GetName

func (sjp ServingJobPrinter) GetName() string

get the name of printer

func (ServingJobPrinter) GetNamespace

func (sjp ServingJobPrinter) GetNamespace() string

get the namespace of printer

func (ServingJobPrinter) GetType

func (sjp ServingJobPrinter) GetType() string

get the serving type of printer

func (ServingJobPrinter) GetVersion

func (sjp ServingJobPrinter) GetVersion() string

get the version of printer

func (ServingJobPrinter) GetYaml

func (sjp ServingJobPrinter) GetYaml() ([]byte, error)

output the printer with yaml format

type SimplePod

type SimplePod struct {
	PodName string `yaml:"pod_name" json:"pod_name"` // selfLink
	// how long the pod is running
	Age string `yaml:"age" json:"age"`
	// pod' status,there is "Running" and "Pending"
	Status string `yaml:"status" json:"status"`
	// the node ip
	HostIP       string `yaml:"host_ip" json:"host_ip"`
	Ready        string `yaml:"ready" json:"ready"`
	RestartCount string `yaml:"restart_count" json:"restart_count"`

define the simple pod information

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