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func MakeSequence

func MakeSequence(start byte, length int) []byte

MakeSequence returns a buffer containing a sequence of bytes of the given length. The first byte is equal to "start" and each consecutive byte is increased by one.


type ConfigurableFixtures

type ConfigurableFixtures struct {

ConfigurableFixtures provides text fixtures for Random using a configurable sequence.

func (*ConfigurableFixtures) Set

Set injects a new Random that reads from the given buffer.

type DeterministicFixtures

type DeterministicFixtures struct {

DeterministicFixtures provides text fixtures for Random using a deterministic sequence.

func (*DeterministicFixtures) BeforeTest

BeforeTest implements the fixtures.BeforeTest interface.

type Fixtures

type Fixtures struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Fixtures provides test fixtures for Random using a real Random.

func (*Fixtures) AfterSuite

func (f *Fixtures) AfterSuite(ctx context.Context)

AfterSuite implements fixtures.AfterSuite.

func (*Fixtures) BeforeSuite

func (f *Fixtures) BeforeSuite(ctx context.Context) context.Context

BeforeSuite implements fixtures.BeforeSuite.

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