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type Command

type Command struct {
	ID         uint             `json:"_id"`
	Action     string           `json:"_action"`
	ObjectType string           `json:"_type,omitempty"`
	Method     string           `json:"_method"`
	TargetID   uint             `json:"_target,omitempty"`
	Args       CommandArguments `json:"_args"`

Command defines the structure used in send json rpc messages to ThrustCore

type CommandArguments

type CommandArguments struct {
	RootUrl      string `json:"root_url,omitempty"`
	Title        string `json:"title,omitempty"`
	Size         SizeHW `json:"size,omitempty"`
	X            int    `json:"x,omitempty"`
	Y            int    `json:"y,omitempty"`
	CommandID    uint   `json:"command_id,omitempty"`
	Label        string `json:"label,omitempty"`
	MenuID       uint   `json:"menu_id,omitempty"` // this should never be 0 anyway
	WindowID     uint   `json:"window_id,omitempty"`
	SessionID    uint   `json:"session_id,omitempty"`
	GroupID      uint   `json:"group_id,omitempty"`
	Value        bool   `json:"value"`
	CookieStore  bool   `json:"cookie_store"`
	OffTheRecord bool   `json:"off_the_record"`
	Focus        bool   `json:"focus"`

CommandArguments defines the structure used in providing arguments to Command's when talking to ThrustCore Covers all possible argument combinations. Makes use of omit empty to adapt to different use cases

type CommandResponse

type CommandResponse struct {
	Action string      `json:"_action,omitempty"`
	Error  string      `json:"_error,omitempty"`
	ID     uint        `json:"_id,omitempty"`
	Result ReplyResult `json:"_result,omitempty"`
	Event  EventResult `json:"_event,omitempty"`

CommandResponse defines the structure of a response from a Command sent to ThrustCore

type EventResult

type EventResult struct {
	CommandID  uint `json:"command_id,omitempty"`
	EventFlags int  `json:"event_flags,omitempty"`

EventResult is used in CommandResponse's of Type Event

type ReplyResult

type ReplyResult struct {
	TargetID uint `json:"_target,omitempty"`

ReplyResult is used in CommandResponse's of Type Reply

type SizeHW

type SizeHW struct {
	Width  uint `json:"width,omitempty"`
	Height uint `json:"height,omitempty"`

SizeHW is a simple struct defining Height and Width

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