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type Config

type Config struct {
	UserOptions *UserOptions

	Settings *cidocker.BuildSettings

	UserProfile *UserProfile

Config is an abstraction of config needed by CI build environment

func NewConfig

func NewConfig() *Config

NewConfig creates a new config

type EnvVariable

type EnvVariable struct {
	Key   string
	Value string

EnvVariable represents a single environment variable

func NewEnvVariable

func NewEnvVariable(key string, value string) *EnvVariable

NewEnvVariable creates a new environment variable given the key and values

type UserOptions

type UserOptions struct {
	// BaseImage represents the base docker image for building this
	BaseImage string

	//BaseBuildDirectory represents the directory under which build happens
	BaseBuildDirectory string

	//Env represents the Environment variables as specified by the user
	Env []EnvVariable

	// RootCommands represents the list of commands as executed by root
	RootCommands []string

	// Commands represents the name of the commands as executed the BuildUser
	Commands []string

	// ArchiveDirectories represents the list of directories that needs to be archived for faster compilation
	ArchiveDirectories []string

	// BuildUserPresent represents the flag to check if the build user is already present , as a hint to speed up the build
	BuildUserPresent bool

UserOptions represents the options as given by the user directly

func NewUserOptions

func NewUserOptions() *UserOptions

NewUserOptions creates a set of new UserOptions

type UserProfile

type UserProfile struct {

	// Memory represents the memory that can be allocated to this container
	Memory int64

	// NumCPU represents the number of CPU allotted to this user
	NumCPU int64

UserProfile represents the profile of the user on that platform including their preference

func NewUserProfile

func NewUserProfile() *UserProfile

NewUserProfile creates a new UserProfile

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