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Package socketconfig provides apiconnector client connection settings



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type SocketConfig

type SocketConfig struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

SocketConfig is a struct representing connection settings used as POST data for http request against the insanely fast HEXONET backend API.

func NewSocketConfig

func NewSocketConfig() *SocketConfig

NewSocketConfig represents the constructor for struct SocketConfig.

func (*SocketConfig) GetPOSTData

func (s *SocketConfig) GetPOSTData() string

GetPOSTData method to return the struct data ready to submit within POST request of type "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"

func (*SocketConfig) GetSession

func (s *SocketConfig) GetSession() string

GetSession method to return the session id currently in use.

func (*SocketConfig) GetSystemEntity

func (s *SocketConfig) GetSystemEntity() string

GetSystemEntity method to return the API system entity currently in use.

func (*SocketConfig) SetLogin

func (s *SocketConfig) SetLogin(value string) *SocketConfig

SetLogin method to set username to use for api communication

func (*SocketConfig) SetOTP

func (s *SocketConfig) SetOTP(value string) *SocketConfig

SetOTP method to set one time password to use for api communication

func (*SocketConfig) SetPassword

func (s *SocketConfig) SetPassword(value string) *SocketConfig

SetPassword method to set password to use for api communication

func (*SocketConfig) SetRemoteAddress

func (s *SocketConfig) SetRemoteAddress(value string) *SocketConfig

SetRemoteAddress method to set remote ip address to be submitted to the HEXONET API. This ip address is being considered when you have ip filter settings activated. To reset this, simply provide an empty string as parameter.

func (*SocketConfig) SetSession

func (s *SocketConfig) SetSession(sessionid string) *SocketConfig

SetSession method to set a API session id to use for api communication instead of credentials which is basically required in case you plan to use session based communication or if you want to use 2FA

func (*SocketConfig) SetSystemEntity

func (s *SocketConfig) SetSystemEntity(value string) *SocketConfig

SetSystemEntity method to set the system to use e.g. 1234 -> OT&E System, 54cd -> LIVE System

func (*SocketConfig) SetUser

func (s *SocketConfig) SetUser(username string) *SocketConfig

SetUser method to set an user account (must be subuser account of your login user) to use for API communication use this if you want to make changes on that subuser account or if you want to have his data view

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