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const (
	// FormKeyStorageKey is form key of storage key
	FormKeyStorageKey = "key"
	// FormKeyWidth is form key of width
	FormKeyWidth = "w"
	// FormKeyHeight is form key of height
	FormKeyHeight = "h"
	// FormKeyQuality is form key of quality
	FormKeyQuality = "q"
	// FormKeyNonUseCache is form key of nonusecache
	FormKeyNonUseCache = "nonusecache"
	// FormKeyRotate is form key of round
	FormKeyRotate = "rotate"
	// FormKeyCrop is form key of crop
	FormKeyCrop = "crop"
	// FormKeyUploadFile is form key of uploadfile
	FormKeyUploadFile = "uploadfile"
	// FormKeyPath is form key of path
	FormKeyPath = "path"


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type BaseHandler

type BaseHandler struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

BaseHandler struct

type ImageReductionHandler

type ImageReductionHandler struct {

ImageReductionHandler struct

func (ImageReductionHandler) Request

func (irh ImageReductionHandler) Request(c echo.Context) error

Request is get from storage

func (ImageReductionHandler) RequestFile

func (irh ImageReductionHandler) RequestFile(c echo.Context) error

RequestFile is get non image file from storage

func (ImageReductionHandler) Upload

func (irh ImageReductionHandler) Upload(c echo.Context) error

Upload is to upload to storage

func (ImageReductionHandler) UploadFile

func (irh ImageReductionHandler) UploadFile(c echo.Context) error

UploadFile is to upload non image file to storage

type TokenHandler

type TokenHandler struct {

TokenHandler struct

func (TokenHandler) Request

func (th TokenHandler) Request(c echo.Context) error

Request is get from storage