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Minimal HTTP requests for Golang.




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const GET = http.MethodGet

GET whole or partial response from URL

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const HEAD = http.MethodHead

HEAD is used to fetch headers only from URL


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func Version

func Version() string

Version can be used to display version information about this package in your application.


type SimpleRequest

type SimpleRequest struct {
	Method string   // Method to use to query the URL
	URL    *url.URL // URL we're requesting
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

SimpleRequest structure to be turned into a HTTP request proper

func Create

func Create(method string, reqURL string) (SimpleRequest, error)

Create is a mechanism to make a suitable http request header to find some information out about a web resouse.

func Default

func Default(reqURL *url.URL) SimpleRequest

Default will create a default object to make work easier for all.

func (*SimpleRequest) Accept

func (sr *SimpleRequest) Accept(accept string)

Accept allows us to control the response sent back

func (*SimpleRequest) Agent

func (sr *SimpleRequest) Agent(agent string)

Agent is used to supply a user agent name to the request useful to distinguish a spam request, or mock another client

func (*SimpleRequest) Byterange

func (sr *SimpleRequest) Byterange(limit string)

Byterange is used to enable partial download of content for a GET request

func (*SimpleRequest) Do

func (sr *SimpleRequest) Do() (SimpleResponse, error)

Do will perform the request for us from the SimpleRequest object itself.

func (*SimpleRequest) NoRedirect

func (sr *SimpleRequest) NoRedirect(redirect bool)

NoRedirect tells the client whether or not to follow redirects...

func (*SimpleRequest) Timeout

func (sr *SimpleRequest) Timeout(duration time.Duration)

Timeout sets the client timeout in seconds...

type SimpleResponse

type SimpleResponse struct {
	Data           string      // The payload from the response
	Header         http.Header // The header from the response
	PrettyResponse string      // Pretty printed response
	PrettyRequest  string      // Pretty printed request
	StatusText     string      // Status text from the response
	StatusCode     int         // Status code from the response
	Location       *url.URL    // Location pointed to bu resource

SimpleResponse to wrap useful components of a HTTP response

func (*SimpleResponse) GetHeader

func (sr *SimpleResponse) GetHeader(key string) string

GetHeader can be used to retrieve headers from the server's response

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