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func Connect

func Connect(eds ...ExternalDispatcher)

    Connect ExternalDispatchers eds to each other so that the underlying engines can mutually call contracts hosted by other dispatchers


    type Blockchain

    type Blockchain interface {
    	LastBlockHeight() uint64
    	LastBlockTime() time.Time
    	BlockHash(height uint64) ([]byte, error)

    type CallFrame

    type CallFrame struct {
    	// Cache this State wraps
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    func NewCallFrame

    func NewCallFrame(st acmstate.ReaderWriter, cacheOptions ...acmstate.CacheOption) *CallFrame

      Create a new CallFrame to hold state updates at a particular level in the call stack

      func (*CallFrame) CallStackDepth

      func (st *CallFrame) CallStackDepth() uint64

      func (*CallFrame) NewFrame

      func (st *CallFrame) NewFrame(cacheOptions ...acmstate.CacheOption) (*CallFrame, error)

      func (*CallFrame) ReadOnly

      func (st *CallFrame) ReadOnly() *CallFrame

        Put this CallFrame in permanent read-only mode

        func (*CallFrame) Sync

        func (st *CallFrame) Sync() error

        func (*CallFrame) WithMaxCallStackDepth

        func (st *CallFrame) WithMaxCallStackDepth(max uint64) *CallFrame

        type CallParams

        type CallParams struct {
        	CallType exec.CallType
        	Origin   crypto.Address
        	Caller   crypto.Address
        	Callee   crypto.Address
        	Input    []byte
        	Value    uint64
        	Gas      *uint64

        type Callable

        type Callable interface {
        	Call(state State, params CallParams) (output []byte, err error)

          Effectively a contract, but can either represent a single function or a contract with multiple functions and a selector

          type CallableFunc

          type CallableFunc func(st State, params CallParams) (output []byte, err error)

          func (CallableFunc) Call

          func (c CallableFunc) Call(state State, params CallParams) (output []byte, err error)

          type Dispatcher

          type Dispatcher interface {
          	// If this Dispatcher is capable of dispatching this account (e.g. if it has the correct bytecode) then return a
          	// Callable that wraps the function, otherwise return nil
          	Dispatch(acc *acm.Account) Callable

          type Dispatchers

          type Dispatchers []Dispatcher

          func NewDispatchers

          func NewDispatchers(dispatchers ...Dispatcher) Dispatchers

          func (Dispatchers) Dispatch

          func (ds Dispatchers) Dispatch(acc *acm.Account) Callable

          type ExternalDispatcher

          type ExternalDispatcher interface {
          	SetExternals(externals Dispatcher)

            An ExternalDispatcher is able to Dispatch accounts to external engines as well as Dispatch to itself

            type State

            type State struct {