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Package fabricsdk enables Go developers to build solutions that interact with Hyperledger Fabric.

Packages for end developer usage

pkg/fabsdk: The main package of the Fabric SDK. This package enables creation of contexts based on configuration. These contexts are used by the client packages listed below. Reference:

pkg/client/channel: Provides channel transaction capabilities. Reference:

pkg/client/event: Provides channel event capabilities. Reference:

pkg/client/ledger: Enables queries to a channel's underlying ledger. Reference:

pkg/client/resmgmt: Provides resource management capabilities such as installing chaincode. Reference:

pkg/client/msp: Enables identity management capability. Reference:

Basic workflow

1) Instantiate a fabsdk instance using a configuration.
   Note: fabsdk maintains caches so you should minimize instances of fabsdk itself.
2) Create a context based on a user and organization, using your fabsdk instance.
   Note: A channel context additionally requires the channel ID.
3) Create a client instance using its New func, passing the context.
   Note: you create a new client instance for each context you need.
4) Use the funcs provided by each client to create your solution!
5) Call fabsdk.Close() to release resources and caches.

Support for Hyperledger Fabric programming model

In order to support the 'Gateway' programming model, the following package is provided:

pkg/gateway: Enables Go developers to build client applications using the Hyperledger Fabric programming model as described in the 'Developing Applications' chapter of the Fabric documentation. Reference:

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