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type CLI

type CLI struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CLI defines a command line interpreter

func NewCLI

func NewCLI(name, help string) *CLI

NewCLI creates a new CLI with the given name and help message

func (*CLI) Command

func (cli *CLI) Command(name, help string, onCommand CLICommand) *kingpin.CmdClause

Command adds a new top-level command to the CLI

func (*CLI) Run

func (cli *CLI) Run(args []string)

Run makes the CLI process the arguments and executes the command(s) with the flag(s)

type CLICommand

type CLICommand func(Config) error

CLICommand defines a command that is added to the CLI via an external consumer.

type Config

type Config struct {
	Version      int
	TLSConfig    comm.Config
	SignerConfig signer.Config

Config aggregates configuration of TLS and signing

func ConfigFromFile

func ConfigFromFile(file string) (Config, error)

ConfigFromFile loads the given file and converts it to a Config

func (Config) ToFile

func (c Config) ToFile(file string) error

ToFile writes the config into a file

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