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type Argument

type Argument interface {
	// Arg returns the bytes of the argument
	Arg() []byte

Argument defines the argument for validation

type ContextDatum

type ContextDatum interface{}

ContextDatum defines additional data that is passed from the validator into the Validate() invocation

type Dependency

type Dependency interface{}

Dependency marks a dependency passed to the Init() method

type ExecutionFailureError

type ExecutionFailureError struct {
	Reason string

ExecutionFailureError indicates that the validation failed because of an execution problem, and thus the transaction validation status could not be computed

func (*ExecutionFailureError) Error

func (e *ExecutionFailureError) Error() string

Error conveys this is an error, and also contains the reason for the error

type Plugin

type Plugin interface {
	// Validate returns nil if the action at the given position inside the transaction
	// at the given position in the given block is valid, or an error if not.
	Validate(block *common.Block, namespace string, txPosition int, actionPosition int, contextData ...ContextDatum) error

	// Init injects dependencies into the instance of the Plugin
	Init(dependencies ...Dependency) error

Plugin validates transactions

type PluginFactory

type PluginFactory interface {
	New() Plugin

PluginFactory creates a new instance of a Plugin


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