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type EventAdapter

type EventAdapter interface {
	GetInterestedEvents() ([]*peer.Interest, error)
	Recv(msg *peer.Event) (bool, error)
	Disconnected(err error)

EventAdapter is the interface by which a fabric event client registers interested events and receives messages from the fabric event Server

type EventsClient

type EventsClient struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

EventsClient holds the stream and adapter for consumer to work with

func NewEventsClient

func NewEventsClient(peerAddress string, regTimeout time.Duration, adapter EventAdapter) (*EventsClient, error)

NewEventsClient Returns a new grpc.ClientConn to the configured local PEER.

func (*EventsClient) Recv

func (ec *EventsClient) Recv() (*ehpb.Event, error)

Recv receives next event - use when client has not called Start

func (*EventsClient) RegisterAsync

func (ec *EventsClient) RegisterAsync(config *RegistrationConfig) error

RegisterAsync - registers interest in a event and doesn't wait for a response

func (*EventsClient) Start

func (ec *EventsClient) Start() error

Start establishes connection with Event hub and registers interested events with it

func (*EventsClient) Stop

func (ec *EventsClient) Stop() error

Stop terminates connection with event hub

func (*EventsClient) UnregisterAsync

func (ec *EventsClient) UnregisterAsync(ies []*ehpb.Interest) error

UnregisterAsync - Unregisters interest in a event and doesn't wait for a response

type RegistrationConfig added in v1.1.0

type RegistrationConfig struct {
	InterestedEvents []*ehpb.Interest
	Timestamp        *timestamp.Timestamp
	TlsCert          *x509.Certificate

RegistrationConfig holds the information to be used when registering for events from the eventhub

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